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Triple A Marbella & San Pedro

Type: Animal Rescue Centres
Location: Marbella

Camino de La Mina s/n, Crtra. Ojén Km 33, 29600 Marbella
Tel:+34 952 771 586
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‘Amigos’ of Abandoned Animals in Marbella & San Pedro de Alcántara. Triple A is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping and protecting abandoned animals.

It is a team of volunteers and professionals who, day after day, give time and energy to improve the livelihood of animals without a home.

How can you help Triple A look after their 450 dogs and 200 cats?

You can become a member of Triple A for as little as €5 per month (more if you can afford it).

Let’s be honest, most of us wouldn’t even miss this amount of money per month – it is less than the price of most drinks.

But, it will make such a difference.

So, how can you do this?

CLICK HERE – this link will take you to Triple A’s easy to complete application form. Why not do it now!

Triple A receives very little help from local government and their costs are about €30,000 per month.

Remember, they never turn an animal away – and they often go well beyond this to help – sometimes at very high cost.

So how else could you help?

You can be a sponsor.

You can sponsor an animal at Triple A for as Little as €15 per month.

You can establish a bond with the animal and contribute to its recovery and subsequent re-homing.

You can also donate materials

second-hand clothing or objects to be resold at car boot sales. Triple A also organise open days and other events.

They also appreciate donations of things such as cat food, dog food, blankets, towels, pharmaceuticals, disinfectants and cleaning solutions, rubbish bags, animal transport crates, dog beds, cat beds, etc. Anything they can use at the shelter.

You can volunteer

Your help as a volunteer at the shelter would be extremely valuable, you can take dogs for a walk, care for the cats, train puppies or carry out tasks that you know how to do. We always need someone to paint, mend things, work in the garden, etc. Come and see us and we will be sure to find some way in which you can help us as a volunteer.

Adoption, donations

If you can adopt a dog or cat and give a loving home. Any amount in donations is welcome large or small they all help.

MarbellaAzul.com thanks you for taking the time to read this and askes, one more thing please pass it on as the more members the more animals we can help Triple A save.

Contact/visit Triple A:
Ctra. de Ojén 33 (Caseron de la Mina), Marbella.
Just behind the La Cañada Shopping Centre

Tel: +34 952 771 588

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Triple A Marbella & San Pedro

Camino de La Mina s/n, Crtra. Ojén Km 33, 29600 Marbella