Life saving beauty tips for the summer

With summer here, it’s all about having fun, getting a tan and relaxing on the beach. But of course, the heat can put a damper on our hair, skin and body.

So, here are some life saving beauty hacks! Some of these may make you giggle, but don’t knock them until you try them out:

  • Apply a deodorant to the back of your neck before blow drying. Deodorant is great for stopping your hair sticking with sweat to your neck when blow drying your hair.
  • For blondes like myself, the chlorine and the sea can be very damaging. So, before you go swimming, coat your hair in coconut oil or olive oil. Coconut oil is also great for taming wild frizzy hair.
  • Before you leave the beach, sprinkle baby talc powder over your skin and the sand will wipe straight off.
  • For the hard skin on your feet, rub with a potato. Yes, a potato! Cut it in half, rub it in coarse salt and voilà, you have a homemade pedicure.
  • Say goodbye to blisters by using a deodorant on your feet before you put on those new summer shoes or sandals. The anti-persipirant protects against friction and moisture.
  • Keep bottles of beautiful summer nail varnish in the fridge to stop it bubbling.
  • When it comes to make up and it sweating off, you should always use a primer before applying, Younique primer is the best I have used. Then, set your make up with a spritz of our rose water and you are ready for your evening.

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  • Deodorant is also great for stopping your thighs rubbing together!
  • When you spend time in the sun, our beachfront bronzer makes a great eye shadow.

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  • I know lots of you ladies still wear black eyeliner on the inside of your lower eyelid. If you replace this with a white eyeliner and then place the black eyeliner along your lash line on your lower eyelid, it will open your eyes and make them look bigger.
  • Clean your razor with olive oil before use to stop it nicking your skin. And afterwards, coat it in olive oil to stop it from rusting.
  • If you get a little sunburn, freeze some aloe vera gel in ice cube containers. It makes a great relief!

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  • To prevent mosquito bites, dryer sheets are great. Just rub on your clothes before you go out. They smell great too.
  • To relieve mosquito bites, lick your finger, dip it in salt and rub it on the bite.
  • If you have kids like I do, it is sometimes a bit of a nightmare putting suncream on them. So, make it fun by applying it on in shapes making suncream tattoos.

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Sometimes, it’s not easy being a woman, but it sure is fun! Don´t forget to use sun protection cream to prevent early ageing. And, to help with this, we have an amazing product “uplift serum” that works wonders on wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.

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I hope you enjoyed this, my very first beauty blog, as much as I did writing it.

Happy summer chilling ☀️. Remember, for any of my products, you can contact me and order on Facebook or via my Website. The links are below.

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