J/80 Marbella Team – 35 Copa del Rey Mapfre

Pepequín Orbaneja presented the Les Roches Puente Romano / Marbella Team sports project at the Hotel Puente Romano in Marbella on Wednesday 20 July ahead of the actual event. José Bernal Gutiérrez (Marbella’s Mayor) and Jorge Manzur (Director of Puente Romano) were also there.

This year’s 35 Copa del Rey Mapfre will be held in Palma de Mallorca from 1 – 6 August. Pepequín Orbaneja briefly summarized the results of the tests that make up this season’s event and made a presentation to representatives of firms involved with the brand “Marbella Team.”

Pepequín said “our project will carry the name of Marbella and Andalucia wherever we go. And we are of course aware of the responsibility that carries.” He added, “last year, we achieved record figures and this means we get the name of Marbella to many places and people.”

Marbella Team 1

So far this season, the Marbella Team boat has achieved 7th place in the championship of Spain (El Campeonato de España) – in 2015 it was the Da Bruno Marbella Team. A win in the 43 Trofeo Conde de Godo as Ramón Pelayo Abogados Marbella Team. Fourth fastest in the world championship held a week ago in Sotogrande as the Hospital Cenyt Marbella Team.

Marbella Team 3

The crew is preparing for the 35 Copa del Rey Mapfre, one of the greatest challenges of a very ambitious campaign for which they will bear the name of Les Roches Puente Romano Marbella Team – among the best crews in the world. Jorge Manzur (Director of Puente Romano) said “we are honoured to support this team with our hotel’s name.”

The mayor closed the event at Puente Romano with words of thanks and appreciation to the owner and all the sponsors and acknowledged the work done to promote our city. To the direct sponsors he said “with your help, this project has become a reality.”

Marbella Team 2

With just a little more than two weeks to go to the start of the 35 Copa del Rey Mapfre, Pepequín named the crew who will aim to take the boat to victory. This is the target after coming fifth in the first year, fourth in the second year, third in 2014 and second last year.  So, they are Keen to lead the boat to victory this year.

The crew of the Les Roches Puente Romano Marbella Team will be Pepequín Orbaneja, Jon Larrazabal, Alberto Padrón and the young Joan Fargas – just 9 years old. “We always take a young person with us in all the races to encourage passion for this sport from a young age.”

Finally, the attendees raised a toast wishing good luck to the boat representing Marbella.

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