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We are delighted to introduce our new guest blogger Rachel Garrod PhD. Rachel will be posting articles periodically on health issues for We hope you find her posts both interesting and informative. This first post provides some background information about Rachel and how she came to be in Marbella.

Thank you so much Roz and Derek for the opportunity to contribute to

I think it´s probably a good idea if I start with telling you all who I am and how I arrived here in Marbella – always good to know who you´re chatting with.

I live in San Pedro with my husband, Gerry, and our gorgeous pup, Columbus. As you can see he is very photogenic!!

Rachel 1 2

Rachel 1 3

It will be 3 years Februrary 2016 that we have lived here, we moved from London (minus Columbus who was not yet conceived) with the intention of a relaxing retirement for Gerry and a new challenge and start in life for me. We both love the weather here – who wouldn´t – Gerry is a keen golfer and I just love to be out in the campo walking, pottering about in San Pedro and exploring what´s on offer in Marbella. Plus I love to write!

In the UK I was Associate Professor of Respiratory Physiotherapy and a Consultant Physiotherapist at Kings College London – phew. My PhD concerned exercise for people with lung disease and I am utterly passionate about lung health, good health and fun times (sometimes those things can be contradictory!) I was very active in research and even now remain interested in the latest health related research. I still lecture in the UK and Ireland (having just returned from chairing a two day conference on chronic cough and emphysema) so I do need to keep up to date with all things exercise and health related. So as well as keeping me out of mischief this blog will also be a motivator for me to keep abreast of new findings.

Here in Spain I run an evidenced based “Stop Smoking Programme.” I use a great herbal product with really helps reduce withdrawal symptoms – you´ll hear more about that shortly – and proven effective behaviour change techniques such as goal setting, action planning and motivational interviewing. No gimmicks I promise!

So what will this blog be about? Well, health stuff really. If an article or snippet of news relating to health issues catches my eye, I generally want to share it. This blog will provide a brief synopsis of articles I might read and find interesting or just provide information on relevant health related topics.

I´m quite eclectic so expect a good range of issues!

Stay healthy

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