How to apply for an NIE

To apply for an NIE (Número de Identificación Extranjeros), you will need to complete an EX-15 form. You can obtain this form from your accountant or download an EX-15 form here. You will then need to take the completed form to your local police station.

For residence certificates, non-residence certificates, European Union (EU) certificates, general registration, return authorizations, letters of invitation, nationality reports, student cards and other trades & NIE.

You will also need the following:

Your Passport and/or a National ID document from your country (if applicable).

Documentation certifying the need for obtaining the NIE – economic, professional or social. (such as a notarised letter, administrative form, bank form, etc.).

You will be given a Tax Form 790 by the Police Station and asked for vdetails of a bank you will pay the fee to..

When you have made the payment and had the form stamped, return to the Police Station. (Be prepared for a long wait – but be patient)

Once your paperwork has been deemed to be in order, they will give you a date to return and collect your NIE number.

Please note, this is no longer dealt with at the National Police Station in Marbella. The new Oficina de Extranjería (for all Foreigners’ Requirements) is at : Avenida Duque de Lerma, Edif. Espana Local 2, Marbella. Tel: +34 952 820 561 / +34 952 865 793 (this road is just off the roundabout near MacDonalds before the turning to La Cañada).

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