Helping Refugees in Marbella

This is a translation of the Town Hall’s link – we have provided the PDF to enable you to print the form and a translation of the form. This form must be submitted in Spanish, handed to the Town Hall in Orange Square (ask for the Registro de entrada desk when you go in. The information desk in the centre will give you a number in the queue) They will enter information on the computer and stamp your form. That’s all there is to it.

Marbella Town Hall is part of the network of municipalities for aid to refugees fleeing to Europe. The program co-ordinates the various citizen initiatives through the Delegation of Social Rights.

At the moment, it is producing the largest migratory movement since the Second World War. Due to the usual migratory pressure from North Africa, we now have to add conflicts like the war in Syria, exacerbated by the entry of the so-called “Islamic State” and the collapse of neighbouring countries that are already overwhelmed with the influx of refugees.

This migration crisis affecting Europe obliges the authorities to respond to an increasingly unsustainable drama. Since the City Council is seeking mechanisms to articulate a system to contact families of the city to show their intention to work with the network that is being launched in cities throughout the state.


It is for individuals or families who wish to be part of a census willing to work with the program to express their solidarity by offering fostering, sponsoring a family, or as part of the volunteering organisation. Application must be made by completing the form and giving it to the Town Hall which is open Monday to Friday 09.00-14.00 & 16.30-19.30 / Saturday 10.00-13.00

Open the PDF below and print and complete.

We have given an explanation here to help you complete the form:

 1st Section
 Your details, NIE or Passport No, name, address, telephone
2nd Section – Composición Familiar
 (The members of your family)
Full names/Ages/Employment/Income
3rd Section (Tick which applies) – Solicita
Acogimiento Familiar/Foster Care Apadrinamiento/Sponsorship
Voluntariado Social/Volunteer
Then date and sign

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