Filming Marbella Now at Gran Meliá Don Pepe

As you probably already know, RTV Marbella’s weekly “Marbella Now” programme was the brainchild of Nicole King. She identified a previously unfulfilled need for a TV programme providing news and information about local events aimed specifically at the English speaking community here in Marbella. has been involved with “Marbella Now” since its inception and we thought it would be a good idea to tell you something about what goes into making this show which is broadcast every Thursday between 7.30 and 8.30 pm.


Before any recording Nicole (who is the show’s producer and director) has to carefully plan the programme. What are we going to talk about? Who will appear on the show?  What’s going on in Marbella this week? It’s essential to get the right balance.

Consequently, a great deal of her time is taken up speaking to and meeting with people, organizations and businesses who might be able to offer something suitable for the show. She has to assess what would be interesting and consider how best to showcase it within the show. The timing of each ítem has to be carefully worked out.

She also has to make sure she is familiar with every subject and has the right questions to ask on the day. She has to retain a huge amount of information in case she has to change direction during an interview – an extremely difficult skill. Only when everything is in place can she put her feet up and take a rest – probably the evening before recording!!!


The show is usually recorded at the RTV studios in central Marbella. Here, Nicole has access to a professional TV director, sound and lighting engineers and a wide range of cameras. However, during the summer months, the show is being recorded at various well known landmarks. The show is currently being recorded at the 5 Star Hotel Gran Meliá Don Pepe in central Marbella.

Of course, the professional look of the show still has to be achieved. Nicole has to make sure the look is right, the sound is right and the lighting is right – not always easy in bright sunlight. Thankfully, Carmen (our camera girl for the summer) is well up to this challenge.

Marbella Now 361

So, when everyone has arrived at the location and Carmen has set up her equipment and received some direction from Nicole, recording can begin.

Now, you may think this part is relatively easy, but things rarely go according to plan and Nicole has to be right on top of the situation to make sure it all gets done. Recording is usually on Tuesday and the show goes out on Thursday, so Wednesday is earmarked for any editing that is required.

Marbella Now 331

Marbella Now 347

Nicole also has to spend time with all the guests to make sure they know what is expected of them. Some guests are very experienced, whilst others may be appearing on TV for the first time and they may need reassurance. She has to put everyone at ease.


This week, Jesus Lopez (Commerical Director of the Hotel Gran Meliá Don Pepe) and two of his “RedLevel” team had arranged for the programme to be shot in the hotel’s exclusive “RedLevel Lounge” – a beautiful lounge area with comfortable seating and a terrace where you can enjoy the view and enjoy the peaceful sound of the lion fountain. They were interviewed first.

Marbella Now 324

Marbella Now 322

The first guest this week was Giles Brown, a journalist and broadcaster who has been in Marbella for 30 years. He has just launched a new website called planetmarbella. Apparently, this name was arrived at because “Marbella is on a different planet and doesn’t obey any of the normal rules of life on Earth!” We wouldn’t disagree with that! To find out more about Giles and his website, you will have to watch the programme.

Giles Brown being interviewed on Marbella Now

Marbella Now 358

Nicole is also very keen to give the younger generation a chance to shine. She believes it is important to listen to what they have to say. After all, they are the future. ‎And Arseniy Kobylyanskiy, a truly charming young Russian Marbelli, was on this week’s show to present Kid’s Talk.

The final interview this week was with Inspector Lidia Avivar Castro and Officer Leonardo Roselló from the National Police Force in Malaga. Inspector Lidia heads up the SATE unit which is a specialist division helping foriegners visiting or resident in Spain with any issues they may have. Her unit has just been awarded a certificate of excellence from the British Embassy signed by the UK´s Secretary of State. We all enjoyed meeting Inspector Lidia and Officer Leo and had great fun chatting with them before and after their interview.

Marbella Now 354

Marbella Now 329

Marbella Now 307

Marbella Now 313

What’s Going On

Finally, it’s our turn. Roz, who know´s pretty much all there is about what’s going on in Marbella, then tells you what to look out for over the next week or so. Of course, at this time of year there’s a lot going on.

Winding Up

Nicole then wound up the show for another week and, as they say in this business, that’s a rap. A bit of editing and then Nicole can start thinking about next week’s show. It never ends!

We hope you have enjoyed this insight into how the programme is made. Please contact if you would like any further information about the show and please like/share our Facebook pages – MarbellaNow MarbellaAzul RTVMarbella. 

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