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Marbella’s Feria is held every year during the second week of June. It celebrates Marbella´s patron saint San Bernabé whose feast day is on 11 June. The feria usually starts with an opening ceremony and a firework display on the Monday evening and lasts until the following Sunday.

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Marbella´s Feria takes place every year during the second week of June and there is a local holiday on June 11 to honour Marbella’s patron saint San Bernabé. In 2015, the Feria will start with an opening ceremony and a firework display in the centre of Marbella on Monday 8 June and finish on Sunday 14 June.

All over Spain, towns hold ferias in honour of their patron saint. The week long activities are a combination of flamenco music, street parades, traditional costumes, dancing and plenty of food and drink.

This year, the main entertainment will take place at the temporary feria ground to the north of the town close to the La Cañada shopping centre, but from 2016 there will be a purpose built area  for the Feria.

You will find “casetas” (white tents that are put up just for the fair) with shows, dance spectaculars, fair rides for all ages, stalls and all kinds of other entertainment. The day and night feria takes place in this this area.

To really enter into the spirit of things, you should consider dressing up. There are many shops in Marbella´s old town selling beautiful flamenco dresses for women and traditional Spanish clothes for the men. Just ask for “trajes de gitano”. Comb your hair back. place a flower on top or on the side, put on some large plastic earrings, necklaces and bracelets and you are ready to go.

The official inauguration usually takes place on the Sunday. On Monday evening, the mayor or mayoress will officially turn on the fairground lights and everyone heads to the beach for the firework display. Everyone is encouraged to participate. The atmosphere is electric and everyone in the town is in good humour.

But don´t expect to get much sleep during feria week. It can be a bit noisy.

Marbella Feria Day 1 (85)

Marbella Feria Day 1 (309)

Marbella Feria Day 1 (11)

Marbella Feria Day 1 (175)

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Marbella Feria Opening (217)
Marbella Feria opening 2016
Everyone in Marbella has really been looking forward to this year’s feria because, after a few years away, the daytime events have returned to the centre of town.

Marbella Feria Schedule 2015
Marbella Feria Programme 2015

Marbella Feria Queen election 2016
On Friday 29 April, the terraces above the Puerto Deportivo in Marbella were packed with people, there to see who was going to be chosen as the Marbella Feria Reina (Queen) and her Damas (Ladies) for 2016.

Marbella Feria 2016
Marbella Feria Programme 2016

Marbella Feria opening 2015
On Monday 8 June, we all headed for the terraces above the Puerto Deportivo to see the opening ceremony for this year’s feria celebrating San Bernabé, Marbella’s patron saint …

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Marbella Feria