Social Security in Spain

What does Social Security really give you?

Social Security, like residencia is a top ten question for any ex pat moving to Spain, and also for those living here. Anyone who works in Spain, or runs a business must pay into Social Security and the good news is that it’s actually quite useful. Spain is a country that likes to look after the family, and as such it covers everything from Maternity leave to Pensions for those over 65, it also covers healthcare and unemployment.

How do you pay Social Security in Spain?

This is probably the easiest category as your contributions are made by your employer for the largest part and you only pay a small amount. It´s deducted from your pay at source, with any income tax by your employer. Employees do not need to worry about their contributions.

If you employ any workers at all you must register with Social Security as such, before you begin to trade. Employers pay the lion’s share of their employees’ contributions, along with their own. This needs to be taken into account before employing anyone.

Self Employed or Autonimo

Most people view Autonimo with trepidation, it means you are responsible for tax returns every quarter and also for your own Social Security contribution of €250 per month, regardless of your profits. That said there are discounts available to those starting out, if you haven’t been registered in the past five years, you receive a discount of 80% for the fist six months, and 50% for the second six months. There are also incentives for Women under 35 and men under 30.

Autonimos do not receive unemployment benefits, but can apply for a basic grant of €655 if they are unemployed, this amount is what the Junta deem to be a working wage.


Pensioners from EU countries qualify for Social Security benefits once they reach the age of retirement in their home country. Pensioners do not have to make payments and should receive healthcare as part of this.

What do you receive with Spanish Social Security?

All those paying in can access free healthcare at any public health centre, this includes specialist appointments if needed, and emergency treatment.

The retirement age here is 65, and those who have paid into the system for 15 years or more are entitled to receive a payment.

If you work and make full contributions for more than 6 months, you will receive 4 – 12 months at full pay, depending on your situation.

If you worked for less you can qualify for a basic living grant of €665 euros per month.

How to get Spanish Social Security?

Go to and find your local Office, you ll need to take your NIE or your passport along with 2 copies. You will be given a form TA1 to fill out, and after a short appointment the card will be sent to you. You will receive a text message every time you begin making contributions.

You can find more information on everything in this article online at the Social Security website, as ever if you are in any doubt always seek professional advice from someone who speaks your language.

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