Marbella Feria Queen election 2016

On Friday 29 April, the terraces above the Puerto Deportivo in Marbella were packed with people, there to see who was going to be chosen as the Marbella Feria Reina (Queen) and her Damas (Ladies) for 2016. The event was attended by José Bernal (the mayor of Marbella), Manuel Garcia (the Councillor for Fiestas) and other members of the government team. The show was compared by RTV Marbella’s presenter Roberto Caballero.

A special stage and sound system had been prepared for the event with a”‘Eurovision” theme and the Mayor started proceedings by unveiling the winning poster by Manuel Jesús Torrejón Pérez.

Elección San Bernabé Reina 001

Elección San Bernabé Reina 027

The three different age groups were then introduced, all wearing black dresses. The youngest group all had amazing face paint decorations which must have taken someone quite a long time to put on.

Elección San Bernabé Reina 082

Elección San Bernabé Reina 143

We then witnessed a magnificent music and dance spectacular. One group looked amazing in their mini dresses with their colourful guitars dancing to Abba’s classic Eurovisión winner from 1974 “Waterloo”.

Elección San Bernabé Reina 173

This was followed by two more dance groups which were extremely energetic and well rehearsed. The first group were mainly girls with one lone boy. They ended with the boy pointing to the girls who all dropped to the floor. It was fabulous.

Elección San Bernabé Reina 224

We then had a parade of the contestants for the Marbella Feria Reina and Damas in full feria dress, followed by another Street dance group.

Elección San Bernabé Reina 312

Elección San Bernabé Reina 340

The Mayor then drew the names for the younger age groups and the winners were as follows:

Reina y Damas Infantiles

Reina: Lucía Martín Rodriguez
Damas: Marina Elizabet Morales Jumbo, Isabel María Peralta Cuadro, Eva Grabiela Ballesteros Durango & Ddoha El Bouchti Ghanim

Miss Simpatía y Damas

Miss Simpatía: Rocío Ferrer Cervera
Damas: Lucía Molina Sánchez & Lucía Lago Ocaña

Reina y Damas Juveniles

Reina: Sara Moreno Serrano
Damas: Alejandra Navas Mota, Sofía Patricia Alexandra Robben, Andrea Diaz Morón & Doaa Herrera Naji

Elección San Bernabé Reina 438

Elección San Bernabé Reina 448

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