Día del Pedal Marbella 2016

A beautiful September morning and a clear blue Marbella sky welcomed the cyclists to this year’s Día del Pedal at the Plaza del Mar terraces on Sunday. MarbellaAzul.com was of course there to bring you the news and images.

DJ music helped build the atmosphere for this wonderful event as participants registered and received their water bottles and nicely designed T-Shirts. It’s important to remember that this is not a race. It’s just a good reason to get together for a cycle ride around Marbella that is available to everyone.  This year, a special circuit was set up at the Plaza del Mar’s entrance by the Ayuntamiento and the Association CADI for children and adults to try out the specially adapted bikes and handbikes.

Everyone had a great time here, whether able bodied or not. Even Marbella’s mayor José Bernal tried out one of the handbikes and suggested it was “harder than it looks”. These bikes are amazing and they allow all children to participate in this sport.

It was then time for the participants to head for the arch where their journey through Marbella would start. Another great Día del Pedal and as usual a great atmosphere.










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