Marbella Entertainers

An interview with Lucy Faye

Lucy Faye has an amazing voice! She is without doubt one of the best singers working on the Costa del Sol at the present time. We were therefore delighted when she agreed to be interviewed by

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Zoe Louise

Zoe Louise is a popular performer in and around Marbella. As soon as she could walk and talk, Zoe Louise Hughes was singing, performing and entertaining her friends and family.

“I can’t go a day without belting out a tune!” she says. Zoe is a seasoned Marbelli. She holidayed here when she was young and she has lived here from the age of 11 when she spent a whole summer playing with a computer game and recording herself singing. She enjoyed it so much, she convinced her mum to send her for singing lessons. And she hasn´t looked back since.

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Pablo Melgar

Pablo Melgar is one of the best saxophonists in Spain. He is also known internationally. Pablo studied the saxophone from the age of ten at the Conservatory of Music in Málaga. Whilst there, he combined his musical studies with the practical experience of playing in the youth band “Miraflores Gibraljaire”. This helped him develop as a classical saxophonist.

In 1999, he left the band and took time out from his saxophone. He spent a period of time concentrating on different instruments – strings, percussion, keyboards, etc. This gave him a broader view of performance, composition and arrangement.

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Paul Maxwel

Paul (the Piano Man) Maxwel is an accomplished performer who performs regularly in Joy’s in Puerto Banús. He was born in Gloucester in England, but he has lived in Andalucía since he was a child. He now lives in Marbella.

He loves to entertain. His energy and enthusiasuim is legendary and he puts it all into every performance. He is a gifted pianist with a powerful voice enabling him to thrill his audience with a vast selection of musical styles. He never disappoints. Paul performs regularly at Joy’s in Puerto Banús and other Marbella venues such as the Marbella Club and the Hotel Puente Romano.

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Mel Williams

Mel Williams is a professional entertainer who has been working on the Costa del Sol for over 40 years. Mel arrived in Spain in 1974 to become Entertainments Manager for Holiday Club International. He continued working, preparing shows and performing for eight years before arriving in Puerto Banús where he worked the clubs and started to build a reputation.

 In 1984, he opened his own beach bar (aptly named “Mel’s”) in San Pedro de Alcántara and then the legendary “Banana Beach”. He performed regularly at both places, along with countless other well known acts. But there is much, much more to this “Camberwell cockney crooner”!

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Nikki Rae

Nikki Rae is probably best known on the Costa del Sol for her tribute to Adele. She has loved singing from a very young age. She was just five years old when she starred in her school´s musical. And she has been singing ever since. She says “When I sing, I forget all the problems life throws at you. I’m at my happiest when I´m entertaining people.”

Like many of us, Nikki first came to Marbella when she was a child. And it has always held a special place in her heart. “To now be living and working here and doing what I love best is something very special.” Nikki performs at a number of places on the Costa del Sol, including La Sala Banús. She is probably best known here for her tribute to Adele, but she also performs songs from the 1960s to the present day and loves singing ballads and soul.

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Antony Wolfson

Antony Wolfson is an internationally renowned vocalist living and working in and around Marbella. His success in Marbella is amazing! In less than 12 months, he was performing at the very best 5 star hotels most nights of the week.

He is currently resident entertainer at the Hotel Los Monteros, the Marriott Marbella Beach Resort, the Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf Resort and the Alanda Club Marbella. A check on Tripadviser will tell you how popular his shows are.

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Eva Piñero

Eva Piñero has worked as a professional entertainer in the Marbella area for 13 years. Her career began when she went to London to learn English and shared a room with a dancer from Madrid who was working in Flamenco clubs. Eva’s life then changed completely.

She has a strong and vibrant voice that is full of passion. She captures the hearts of all of her audiences. Her parents and her six older siblings all love Flamenco. She grew up listening to the music and says it is in her blood. Her father was her biggest influence. Despite being Flemish, he passed his passion for the art of Flamenco on to Eva and her brothers. Eva is very adventurous and says travel is one of the best ways to grow personally and professionally, learning about different genres of music, languages and cultures.

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Los Piratas

Los Piratas are a Flamenco group working on the Costa del Sol. Over the last couple of years, they have been busy recording their first álbum and working on their repertoire. Los Piratas are José Antonio Fernandez Ortiz (Vocals), José Antonio Lobato Luque (Percussion) and Bernabe Lomeña Mena (Guitar) – three friends who have a passion for music and extend that passion to all who enjoy an evening with them.

There are hard working musicians at many venues in Marbella where they combine work with their busy family lives. Los Pirates create a party atmosphere with their music, playing current Flamenco and encouraging their audience to dance and sing. There is never a still foot or hand with Los Piratas.

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