Festivals & Ferias

Three Kings in Marbella – Arrival & Procession 2018

On Thursday 4 January, a large crowd gathered in Marbella’s Puerto Deportivo to herald the arrival of the Three Kings (Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar).

They arrived just after 17.00 on a Fly Blue Catamarán to the sound of cheering children, all keen to see them and grab hold of the caramelos (sweets) traditionally throw into the crowd by them. As usual, the Three Kings mingled with the crowd before setting off in three open top cars through the streets of Marbella to the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) in the old town.

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San Pedro Feria Programme 2017

San Pedro Feria Programme:

Monday 16 October

19.00 Parade of the Giant Heads.
Route: Leaves Plaza de la Iglesia, Avenida Marqués del Duero (pedestrian area), Calle Pozo, Calle Lagasca, Calle Revilla, Avenida Oriental, Calle Pepe Osorio, Calle Córdoba, Calle Juan Fortuni, Avenida Oriental, ending in the Plaza de la Iglesia.

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Noche de San Juan in Marbella

Noche de San Juan was celebrated as usual on June 23 (the longest day of the year in Spain) on many of Marbella’s beaches, where it’s traditional to build a bonfire on the beach, make a wish for the coming year, jump over the fire and run into the sea.

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Marbella Feria Opening Ceremony

The Marbella Feria opening ceremony took place this year on Tuesday 6 June on the terraces of the Puerto Deportivo and was followed by the usual firework display. MarbellaAzul.com were of course there to bring you images of this amazing event and all the news.

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Marbella Feria Programme 2017

This year, the Marbella Feria will take place in and around the town, in the Parque de la Alameda and the Avenida del Mar. The night Feria will take place at the La Cañada III area, where it was last year, and all the concerts and shows will be performed at the auditorium there.

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Easter Week in Marbella programme 2017

Easter week (Semana Santa) in Marbella is something everyone should enjoy. The spectacle, the culture and the tradition will enthrall all who see it. The processions start joyous with Jesus’s arrival in Jerusalem and become more sombre as the week progresses.

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Marbella Carnival parade 2016

On Saturday 13 February, the Grand Parade de Humor (the highlight of the Marbella Carnival) set out from the Parque de la Represa to the east of Marbella’s old town and headed for the Avenida Ricardo Soriano.

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Marbella Christmas lights 2015

Christmas has now officially arrived here in Marbella and this year’s Christmas lights are amazing. And don’t forget to check out the side streets and the old town – it really does look like a magical wonderland.

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Marbella Carnival parade 2015

On Sunday 22 February, we captured all the colour and excitement of the carnival parade as it made its way through the streets of Marbella.

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