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“Equitana” exhibition at Benezra Gallery

Anna Louise Andersen’s Roz and Derek James were delighted to be invited to the opening of the new exhibition entitled “Equitana” at the Benezra Gallery in Benahavis on Thursday 30 March. Roz, having had horses from a young age, couldn’t wait to get there and enjoy an evening dedicated to these wonderful animals.

The exhibition is open to the public from 31 March to 30 April.

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Objects of Desire exhibition at Kasser Rassu

The Kasser Rassu Gallery on Marbella’s “Golden Mile” invited art lovers to the opening of their latest exhibition entitled “Objects of Desire” by L E Art Côtier on Friday 26 August.  As usual, was there to find out what it was all about and provide images of some of the art on display.

The exhibition is a merger of two artists, Luis Torroba and Elena Orad, both of whom were there to discuss this Marbella inspired pop art exhibition with those who attended the event.

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French photographer Lirone exhibition at Art Wanson Gallery

The Art Wanson Gallery, located in the Marbella Club Hotel, will be hosting the opening of an exhibition for Lirone, a French photographer, on 18 August at 20.30 for all to see until 15th September.

Those that attend will be able to enjoy a welcome cocktail, whilst admiring the works of a visual artist that has had his artwork featured all over the world in destinations like Paris, Lyon. New York, San Francisco, Geneva and Singapore amongst others. On top of this, notable companies have acquired the pieces of artwork, for example LVMH, Grévin Musuem, EuroMedia France, Van Cleef & Arpels and many more individual collectors.

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Art of MSS exhibition at Kasser Rassu

Thursday 14 July saw the opening of a new exhibition at the Kasser Rassu Gallery on Marbella’s Golden Mile. was of course there to provide details and images.

The exhibition entitled “The Art of MSS” is stunning. It really is well worth a visit if you are looking for a special purchase for your home. It is an exhibition of contemporary 3D art forms – paintings studded with Swarovski stones and pearls, which will bring life and sparkle to any space.

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Like a Queen collection at Kasser Rassu

Like a Queen’s “The Art of Jewelry” collection was on display at the Kasser Rassu Gallery in Marbella on Tuesday 27 October. was of course there to bring you news and images.

The Like a Queen collections are personal favourites with discerning women here in Marbella. This opportunity to view and buy jewelry and accessories from their fall/winter collection was not to be missed. Patricia Nahmad and Caroline Azzi presented their collection of jewellery and accessories amongst the fascinating art currently on display at the Kasser Rassu Gallery.

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Urban Collectives at Kasser Rassu

We were delighted to visit Marbella’s Kasser Rassu Gallery today to see their “Urban Collectives” exhibition. This is a collection of works by three very different artists which has been put together by Benezra Art Investments & Consultancy – and it is certainly well worth a visit.

We were very lucky because, on the day we went, Maureen Benezra (partner) was their to answer questions about the artists, their life and their work. Maureen clearly has a great feel for the artists she supports and a wonderful eye for art.

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José González Bueno at Kasser Rassu

We are very excited that José González Bueno will be exhibiting “Hyperrealistic Unique Watercolours” at the wonderful Kasser Rassu Gallery in Marbella from February 1 to 29 2016.  There will be a cocktail reception on February 5 from 20.00 with the artista and the Mayor of Marbella in attendance and music from the fabulous Luz Casal.

José born in Málaga, attended and academy of art to learn the fundamentals of sketching and oil painting. But the most important was to learn the theory of colour and composition. This is where he became interested in Watercolour, mainly because of the endless possible variations which can be achieved with Watercolours.

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Urban Beauty at Kasser Rassu

The Kasser Rassu Gallery in Marbella is currently showing Kathrina Rupit’s Urban Beauty exhibitio in association with Benezra Art Investment. Kathrina Rupit is from from Mexico. After a period of travelling, she established herself in Dublin, Ireland.

Her inspiration is in part from her Mexican roots and parts of her daily life. She combines this with a perception of current issues which she presents through the female figure. She is an amazing street artist, using various mediums that allow a symbiotic dance between urban and culture. This is apparent, not just with the choice of mediums but in the explosion of colours.

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Marc Chagall exhibition at Museo Ralli in Marbella

Marc Chagall was born in Belarus in 1877. In 1907, he moved to Paris and lived in an artist colony on the outskirts of the city. As a child, Chagall attended the Jewish elementary school and then the Russian public school. He learnt the fundamentals of drawing during this time, absorbing the world around him and storing away imagery and themes that would feature in his later work.

He began his formal education in painting with portrait artist Yehuda Pen and moved to St. Petersburg to study at the Imperial Society for the Protection of Fine Arts. The following year, he enrolled at the Svanseva School, studying with set designer Léon Bakst. Despite this formal instruction, and the widespread popularity of realism in Russia at the time, Chagall was already establishing his own style and featuring a more dreamlike unreality.

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Paula Menchen’s Creative Colour at Kasser Rassu

“Creative Colour” by Essex born artist Paula Menchen opens at the Kasser Rassu Gallery in Marbella on Wednesday 18 November and will run until Friday 18 December 2015.

There will be a cocktail evening on Friday 20 November from 20.00 where you can view the art and meet the artist. will of course be there to bring you images of this wonderful exhibition. Paula Menchen’s family were dispersed throughout Europe and this had an influence on her work from an early age. She says “I believe our histories and environments heavily affect our personalities and alter our perseptions of reality”.

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Kasser Rassu celebrates 6 amazing years

The Kasser Rassu Gallery celebrated its 6th anniversary in true Marbella style on Friday 20 November. Kasser Rassu has brought us so much pleasure over the last six years with featured artists from all over the world. And this year has been particularly interesting.

In March, Nina Nolte returned to Kasser Rassu with a selection of her larger than life canvasses. In May, we saw something completely different with an exhibition of Aali Khahlid´s dark art. In June, the summer started with a bang with the wonderful Victoriano and his spectacular graffitti art on designer bags.

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Sandra Meiland exhibition in Marbella

“Farbreisen”, an exhibition presenting the work of Sandra Meiland, opened on Friday 18 September at the Kasser Rassu Gallery here on Marbella´s Golden Mile – opposite the Marbella Club. The exhibition will run until Wednesday 14 October.

Marbella’s art aficonardos were out in force, along with members of the press, to see this new exhibition. The turnout, as always at Kasser Rassu, was wonderful and we had another opportunity to see old friends, enjoy a cocktail and meet the artist. was of course there to bring you the best images and talk to Sandra Meiland about her views and unique methods.

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Javier Calleja’s Broken White exhibition

The Yusto/Giner gallery in Marbella presents “Broken White”, the first solo exhibition by Javier Calleja from 5 June until 24 July.

Javier Calleja (Málaga, Spain 1971) – Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Granada , from his youth began his career in the world of arts. In the last international fair of contemporary art of Barcelona, SWAB , Javier was voted the best Spanish artist with the artwork, “ I hate red” award presented by the company DKV, present in this great event of global significance, and ART IDEA Award Marset.

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Alexandra Spyratos at Kasser Rassu

On a very hot and humid July night, art enthusiasts gathered at the Kassu Rassu Art Gallery on Marbella’s Golden Mile to enjoy cocktails with Alexandra Spyratos who is exhibiting her work there from 1 – 31 July.

The Kenyan born artist, who is renowned for her paintngs of African wild life uses gold, silver and copper leaf to enhance her paintings and the light that exudes from them is truly amazing. It was a fabulous evening and a great opportunity to hear about the techniques from the artist herself. We are sure she had many congratulatory messages in the visitors book.

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Beryl Cook exhibition at Museo Ralli in Marbella

The Museo Ralli in Marbella is currently exhibiting the work of English artist Beryl Cook. Beryl Cook was born in Surrey in 1926, but she lived in Plymouth in the south west of England for much of her life and she died there in May 2008. She started painting relatively late using her son’s paint set!

Her paintings depict some of the colourful characters she encountered in Plymouth where she was running a busy theatrical boarding house with her husband. Her talent was discovered when guests started to talk about the paintings on display at the boarding house.

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Sandra Meiland coming to Kasser Rassu

The first exhibition in September at the wonderful Kasser Rassu Gallery in Marbella will be Sandra Meiland’s “Farbreisen” which starts on Friday 18 September and runs until Wednesday 14 October 2015.

Lovers of art and good company will as usual be welcome at the cocktail evening on Friday 18 September at the Kasser Rassu Gallery from 8 pm. Sandra Meiland was born in Germany and has lived and worked in Spain, Portugal, Canada and Iceland. She now invites you to join her on a journey into Andalusian colours with her exhibition ‘Farbreisen’.

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Francisco Sánchez Gil’s 50 Años de Creación

An exhibition of Francisco Sánchez Gil’s work entitled “50 Años de Creación” (50 Years of Creation) is currently on display at the Centro Cultural Cortijo Miraflores in Marbella. The exhibition opened on 3 June and will continue until 3 July 2015.

The exhibition includes paintings, drawings and sculptures from the Marbella born artist, from his first drawings in 1965 until today. The collection has been curated by the art critic José Manuel Sanjuán.

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Graffiti artist Victoriano at Kasser Rassu

On Friday 12 June, art lovers went along to Kasser Rassu on Marbella’s Golden Mile to see the first solo show of the renowned international graffiti artist Victoriano.

As always, Shahed Kavousi and Ahmed Ashmawi gave us a wonderful evening at their elegant gallery. They even managed to arrange a beautiful sunset for the guests to enjoy.

Victoriano first picked up a spray can at the age of 17. Sixteen years later, he is now  considered by many to be Spain’s top graffiti artist and one of the most renowned muralists in the western hemisphere. He has travelled the world installing graffiti commissions in some of the largest cities, including London, Dubai, Paris, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

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Alexandra Spyratos at Kasser Rassu in Marbella

Kenyan born, internationally renowned artist Alexandra Spyratos will be exhibiting her collection of African Wildlife paintings at the Kasser Rassu Gallery on Marbella’s Golden Mile this summer. The exhibition will run from 1 July to 30 July and the official cocktail reception will be on 17 July at 20.00.

Surrounded by Africa’s beauty for much of her life, it is no great surprise that someone with her talent was inspired to paint the bold, glamorous and striking wildlife canvasses that she now exhibits all around the world.

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