A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 21)

Wales – the land of my forefathers, excellent fish & chips, strange creatures and a very busy estuary. We opted for the town of Aberdovey, partly because of its remote and picturesque location and partly because Savannah mistakenly thought she was going to Abu Dhabi (it’s a pronunciation thing).

It seemed the perfect place for a week of GCSE revision – free of any sort of teenage escape, miles from Top Shop and Boots and we arrived there after a very pretty four-hour drive from school, along country roads and a lot of sheep.

Anna 21 1

Luckily we had stopped off at a Waitrose to get the essentials, I thought I was being over organised until we discovered that the nearest big supermarket was at least an hour away. I had assumed that all the talk of the remoteness of Aberdovey had been grossly exaggerated; that is until I got here. Three pubs, one restaurant and a convenience store that doesn’t accept credit cards…. This is no Banus!!

Anna 21 2

The cottage is lovely, views out onto the estuary, two bedrooms of which Savannah obviously ‘shot gunned’ the biggest one and an open deck at the back to sit and relax in the sunshine (when it happens!). Lobster pots are everywhere and at midday everyday, Dai the local fisherman makes freshly caught dressed crab – but not on a Wednesday! I was curious to ask him why not Wednesdays but if you saw Dai you would understand that any form of questioning is strictly prohibited -just stand, look sheepish (there’s a lot of that around here) and be informed. There is no nightlife here whatsoever, so books, TV and if you are lucky a quiz night at the pub next door on a Tuesday sums up the social side of the village. We did dress up to go to the quiz night (we even put some make-up on) but it was cancelled at the last minute – too many people! Having lived in Spain for so long, I actually feel a little ignorant to certain creatures and customs that I have come upon here. SLUGS- an interesting being that only seems to come out at night. Now, since treading barefoot on one the other night and cold bloodedly murdering it, I feel so guilty about their welfare that I do my nightly duty of slug watching. A ROUTINE – another interesting habit that people do here, gone are the anarchistic ways of the Costa del Sol – these people actually have some order in their lives and of course DONKEY RIDES – the donkeys here seem to have taken a more hippy approach to their look , unlike their cousins I met in Mijas the other week…. as can be seen below.

Anna 21 3

Our daily routine (yes, we have one too now but as the saying goes. when in Rhonda…) Wake up about 10.00am, go for a walk or run around the estuary, Sav stops at her favourite ice-cream shop for a cookies and cream cone. Every other day a trip to the convenience store for fresh Welsh bread but everyday we get back to the cottage for revision, House of Cards and our ritual soul-searching!

Anna 21 4

The beach is stunning, the sand is reminiscent of the beaches in Tarifa and families come from all over to enjoy a day out – actually next time I would rent a dog, because we do feel a little left out.

Anna 21 5

All in all, for a ‘totes’ relaxing week away, I would highly recommend Aberdovey (probably more than Abu Dhabi), there is a real sense of community life here and its probably one of the safest places I’ve holidayed in for a long time: there is no need to lock your house or your car but if you are an internet junkie, remember to bring your own wi-fi system, that luxury seems a little sparse here! To sum it up: Positive facts about Aberdovey – Long beautiful walks along the estuary, a great sampler of Welsh food, relaxing and peaceful, you can get fat and nobody cares, no need for suntan lotion and a personal favourite, no big toads (of any sort)! Diverse facts about Aberdovey – no one speaks welsh or even has a welsh accent, the jelly fish, as seen below, are humungous but not as lethal as the Spanish variety and caution if going in the estuary, the Weever fish have painful stings if you are unfortunate enough to tread on one and trust me, if they don’t get you the strong tides will!

Anna 21 6

Anyway, bye for now and see you next week xx If you enjoyed this post please can you recommend it to your friends and share it on Twitter or Facebook – thank you all for sharing and supporting me.

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