A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 51)

Valentines Day!! Although I didn’t get any roses, I’m still getting over the shock of Chris asking me out for a romantic dinner without being prompted or bullied into doing so. I feel that he must have had some sort of breakdown as this is not normal behaviour, but I certainly wasn’t going to say no, especially when he told me where he had reserved a table. ‘1870’ is an upmarket restaurant in an old converted sugar making factory near San Pedro and having heard the reviews I had always wanted to eat there.

I love quirky places and this restaurant was right up my street. The old factory building, that was built in (yep you guessed it) 1870 has been transformed into a stunning eatery without losing the historic charm and originality of a once productive workplace. High ceilings, original roofing and century old stone work greeted us as we entered, along with the vintage sugar silos which stood elegantly in the bar area beside the chandeliers and stylish decor – lucky I dressed up!

Anna 51 1

Our Valentines evening was lovely. Good service, beautiful surroundings and the menu definitely followed suit to the curious setting- although I wasn’t convinced about the Olive Oil ice-cream!
Next on my agenda for this week was an attempt at a new sport I came across on the internet. Having been walking Nahla everyday on my quest to get fit, I was looking for a new lead when I came across a sport called Canicross. It’s a bit a mixture between Chariots of Fire and Benji!

Anna 51 2

Seemingly the hobby has become very popular in the last 5 years as a combined personal canine fitness program but having been without a young agile dog until recently, I had never heard of it. I have tried to run with Nahla before but she always tries to grab the lead and play around so I didn’t think we had any hope of running in co-ordination with the lead purely attached to my waist – was I going mad?!
It turns out, my dog is the perfect personal trainer! She instinctively becomes more focused without me having the lead in my hand and although occasionally she heads off towards the nearest friendly dog, it’s easier to control her than I thought. So if you see some mad 49 10/10 yr old frantically running with a dog tied to her waist – wave because it’s me!!
Anyway, bye for now and see you next week, when I’ll be reporting on Tasha’s long awaited trip to Australia, revealing my secret coffee stop and writing my last blog on the “Year in the life of a Marbelli”.
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