A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 50)

This week I’ve been on a secret mission and it was so much fun! I arranged to go over and see the girls in the UK for the weekend but decided at the last minute it would be a lovely surprise to add the addition of Hilton; who also had no knowledge of what was about to happen!

I managed to pack his clothes away in a case upstairs without him noticing and after putting the cases in the back of the car, I picked him up from school on the pretence that Chris had to go to Malaga and we were meeting him at the airport. He seemed a little perplexed but I promised him that Chris would take him to Decathlon and buy a football for the inconvenience – bribery always works!
After 30 minutes’ car journey of me moaning about how many things I had to take over for the girls and the need for two suitcases, when we arrived there was no question over taking the two cases out of the back of the car. I even convinced him that he could do his homework with me at the airport and to bring the books he needed with him.

Having stopped for a coffee in the departure hall and no sign of Chris, I then told Hilton that he would have to come through security, but not to worry because Chris could just ‘nip’ through and get him before I got on the plane – luckily at 12 he didn’t realise that in fact you can’t just ‘nip’ though airport security when you fancy!

Finally, when the loudspeaker announced “last call for for Monarch flight ZB 742 to Gatwick”, I quickly asked Hilts to take a selfie with me and as he was doing it, said “Here’s mummy and Hilton at the airport just before Hilton gets on the plane to come to England with me!”

Anna 50 1

This was his genuine reaction; he was so happy but after the initial excitement, began to panic about not having any clothes to wear. I just winked at him and pointed down at the case that he had been wheeling around the airport!

Although it was a really short trip over, we had a fantastic weekend, managed to surprise both of the girls who cried non stop when they saw him, fitted in a tiny amount of sightseeing and of course a visit to London would not be complete without a photo alongside one of the big Harrods bears!

Anna 50 2

I’ve just got home in time for Pancake Day ……the one day when no one can say anything about eating a Nutella pancake! Now according to Nataly Kogan (whoever she is? But I really like her anyway) pancakes make you happy, have fewer colds and reduce stress and heart attacks by 50% – what a great revelation!

I need to think what I’m going to give up for lent?? ……….erm let me check my New Years resolutions – Welcome back for six weeks to my dear old friends, cheese balls and milk chocolate!

Anyway, bye for now and see you next week.

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