A year in the life of a Marbelli (week 49)

We all know the expression, “Did the earth move for you darling?” Well it certainly did for me last Monday morning at 5am, but unfortunately so did some of the windows and the shattered glass when the aftershock of the earthquake hit- typical, the one weekend Chris goes away and everything was going so well!

Anyway the rest of the weekend was fun, Hilts and I went out for Sushi (something we are not allowed to do when the boss is around) at a great restaurant in San Pedro and spent all day Saturday and Sunday at home catching up on movies, taking Nahla to the beach in her new hip dog attire and playing with a very dirty Cantarme in the field.

Anna 49 1

Anna 49 2

Anna 49 3

Exercise, food and cuddles ……A normal weekend in Marbella!

My daily routine now seems to be determined by the activity app on the i-watch. It is seriously becoming addictive; everyday I try to reach my goal and if I don’t, the watch gives me a gently reminder to get up and move my arse! After deciding I didn’t really want to walk near the beach for the next week, a consequence of watching too many scary movies where the tidal wave suddenly appears out of nowhere and devours everyone but the hero- which knowing my luck would definitely not be me and would probably be Chris, I decided to exercise both myself and Nahla more inland.

The markets up and down the coast were a good place to start. In San Pedro the ‘rastro’ or street market as we would call it, is held every Thursday and you can buy anything from fruit to copy designer handbags. So off we went ‘earlyish’ in the morning to see what deals we could get in this bustling mayhem.

Anna 49 4

It is more of an outing to the Spanish than a buying procedure, and very popular with the locals, even a member of our local police force joined in and purchased a few items – I snapped him at the Moroccan stand and was dying to ask him why he wanted to purchase a wooden giraffe but then the other options were some jewellery or a shisha pipe which would have been even more strange – unless of course the giraffe had a secret compartment!

Anna 49 5

The market is never complete however without stopping to have a coffee and a tapa at the mobile catering truck that journeys from town to town on market days. Believe it or not, the food that comes out of this renovated lorry is as good as you will get in any tapas bar or cafe and it’s so cheap!

Anna 49 6

Last but not least I had to put this photo in, sorry Tash – please stop drooling at work! The fruit and vegetables here are so delicious and the market is one of the best places to buy the freshest locally grown produce as it’s cheaper and fresher than any of the supermarkets.

Anna 49 7

Next week I’m off to the UK again for the weekend to see Tash before she leaves for Australia.
Anyway, another walk is in order to keep my activity app happy- I can see this app being deleted in the near future!!
Bye for now and see you next week.

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