A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 48)

Well I have to say so far my New Years Resolutions are going really well. Not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips in seven days, apart from my Saturday night rule when I got absolutely slaughtered – but according to my list that’s fine! I am sticking to my rule of drinking 2 litres of water a day and did especially well on Sunday when I needed at least 3 litres – proving my theory that Alcohol is good for you because dehydration makes you drink more water!

So with everything back to normal, it was time to concentrate on some shopping and have a look at what’s on offer in the sales down here. Having spoken before about La Canada, our biggest shopping centre in the Marbella region, I decided to see if I could snap up some really good bargains further afield and headed off to the Miramar Centre in Fuengirola.

Although I had been to the Centre once before to see an English film when the Cinema in Puerto Banus was closed for refurbishment, this was the first time that I had actually decided to spend a few hours browsing the shops and discovering what this Centre had to offer. Fuengirola isn’t a place that Marbelli’s tend to frequent, so it was quite intriguing to pull off the A7 at the Fuengirola exit, even my car wobbled as we turned the corner, expecting to go on autopilot to Malaga Airport.

Anna 48 1

Although not the most attractive building from the outside, I have to say this commercial centre has some really cool aspects; a karting circuit on the top terrace (lets hope the kids know how to turn!) and of course, a relatively new culture to Spain – Primark!

Anna 48 2

Although the shops are more or less the same as La Canada, they appeared to have much better sales offers, advertising up to 70% discount. Holland & Barrett has also just opened a branch here, with cheaper prices than the small health shops around Marbella. All in all I had a great time and got some really good bargains.

My conclusion: Its definitely worth a visit and appears to be a much quieter and a more peaceful shopping centre. Even though we are lucky to have a big commercial centre nearby it is worth driving that little bit further occasionally, if you are looking to expand your wardrobe. Alternatively, do what I like to do and jump on a plane to the UK – The Brits really know how to shop!

Well I’m home alone again this weekend, so I’ll fill you all in on my “When’s the cats away” adventures next week!
Anyway, bye for now and see you next week.

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