A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 47)

With all the new year celebrations over, it was time for Hilton’s birthday. That really was bad timing and I’m sure I wont hear the last of it from him for years to come! Unfortunately, Tom had to leave on the 3rd and the only flight we could get the girls on the 4th was at 11am so Hilton only managed to see them in the morning whilst they were madly trying to pack their cases, pile on the make-up and do all the things that Chris had reminded them needed doing before they left.

Hilton had invited four friends to stay over for a birthday sleepover, something that was one of those good ideas at the time thing, but after 24 hrs of 12 yr olds causing havoc round the house, I was exhausted. I would however like to thank Iceland for the wonderful invention of quick fast frozen food, I owe you my sanity! Now with the birthday over and the kids safely back in their various locations it has given me time to reflect on my new year’s resolutions from last year and see how well I did! The results are below:

No. 2015 Resolution Result Comments in my
1 No more cheese balls, except
on special occasions
1/10 I have no excuse,
they taste so good!
2 2 ltrs of water a day with
nothing added to it
0/10 It’s the nothing
added I struggled with
3 Chocolate to be curtailed to Easter
Valentines & my birthday
0/10 Again, it’s the word
curtailed that didn’t work
4 Exercise (now this is the one I have to be
careful with keeping it realistic) Starting
tomorrow the Couch to 5km challenge
half/10 Hmmm! Well I did start the
Couch to 5k, but then the words
realistic kept popping into
my head!!
5 Vodkas limited to once a week
and holidays (no cheating)
10/10 Brownie points here – make note
for next year include wine
cava and baileys!!
6 Healthy Cooking 8/10 This is one point I did stick to
7 Have more fun and be more
adventurous, with or without kids
10/10 This was a winner!
8 Definitely more facials,
absolutely necessary at 49
0/10 Failed again! But on the
positive I might be able
to get a bus pass quicker
9 Run up that steep hill I look at
every time I take my son to golf
0/10 By pure fluke, Hilton left
that Golf Club!
10 A successful & positive year with many
achievements. Oh! and a family
holiday for my big birthday!
5/10 First part was a success. The family
holiday plan didn’t go well!


So this year I need to take it up a notch or two, so here goes:

1. Forget cheese balls, if desperate go to Hypnotherapy.
2. Two litres of water a day with no sneaky alcohol
3. Take up Yoga and learn new motto – ‘my body is my temple not a run down shack’!
4. Only eat dark chocolate – milk chocolate must be a thing of the past.
5. Vodka, wine, baileys and cava only once a week and on Special occasions.
6. Eat the healthy cooking!
7. More adventures with Nahla and train her to enter competitions.
8. Facials and pampering are a must at least once a month.
9. Find another hill to run up
10. Threaten divorce over family holiday.
11. If point 3 fails – go on girlie holiday with alimony!

Anyway, wish me luck! Bye for now and see you next week, when I will be giving you the low down on shopping around the coast. xx
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