A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 46)

Ok so New Years Eve wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be, but at least it turned out to be better than last year when Chris broke his ribs and the kids had a car crash!

During the daytime Tash and I went to the Paseo in Marbella for some lunch and a stroll along the beach with Nahla. The weather here is incredible for this time of year and with Tash living in London she wanted to get out and appreciate some outdoor life.

Anna 46 1

Our plan was to go for a run after eating but as you can imagine, that was not going to happen after Nachos and Chai Latte! So we walked for about 7 km along the Paseo which was bustling with tourists, residents and dog walkers. I know I keep promoting the Paseo but it really is a great way to spend an afternoon, there are so many options on offer, whether its hiring a bicycle, taking the family on a Segway tour or just walking and taking in the sights, you won’t be disappointed. I even managed to take some photos of the sun setting over Puerto Banus.

Anna 46 2

I know I’m slightly bias being a Marbelli, but the shoreline here in the wintertime is absolutely stunning; even my unprofessional photographic ability on a phone camera didn’t ruin the shot!
So after a few hours of being healthy, it was time to concentrate on the night times build up to New Year. After dismissing any possibility of going out to a restaurant for a set menu dinner with my fussy kids, we decided to eat at home and celebrate the New Year together before they all went out to their various parties. We opted for a smart home style dinner party and made the effort to dress up, (well apart from Hilton who was obviously taking the patriotic tourist approach) and begin the evening with seasonal Pomegranate Bellinis – Yum!

Anna 46 3

At midnight the Spanish follow a bizarre tradition of eating grapes on every chime of the clock. This is all of us trying to beat the chimes and looking at the photo we all appear very serious and intent on doing it!! According to superstition, these miraculous grapes symbolize a lucky year ahead – that’s unless of course you don’t choke first whilst trying to swallow the crammed grapes that have accumulated in your mouth!

Anna 46 4

Having survived the grapes and welcomed in the British New Year as well, the girls and I had a last drink before they went out on the town – I can’t believe how grown up they both are – I’m the short old one in the middle!

Anna 46 5

Let me just end the blog this week wishing you all a healthy and prosperous New Year!
See you next week. Xx

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