A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 45)

Christmas time has actually arrived!!

Eventually the kids turned up one by one; Sav was the first, followed by Tom and then Tash on a really late night flight from Stansted. But luckily they all arrived safely and I’m thrilled that the house is full again, even though they are all untidy wretches!

Christmas in Marbella differs to our English traditions in some ways, there is not quite the same Christmas spirit and celebrations going on as there are in England and many restaurants are shut on Christmas Eve, so we tend to stay at at home and make our own entertainment. Monopoly is a big hit with the family especially Savannah who is always the banker and generally wins – hang on??
Christmas Day was a huge success, by hook or by crook all the presents arrived in one piece and Santa as always delivered the Christmas sacks on time, I do love him, he’s so reliable!

Anna 45 1

I always buy a joke present for each of the kids; this is Toms Santa thong that we made him open in front of all the family!! We all found it funny but I’m not sure he was that amused!

I was totally spoilt this year by my dearest husband, who bought me an Apple Iwatch- I love him dearly today and maybe even tomorrow! I haven’t got a clue how to use it yet though so any tips from someone would be very useful.

We try and stick to a traditional Christmas Day so after opening presents under the tree, I start cooking whilst the kids entertain themselves with their new presents. The Bloody Marys appear around midday and by 3pm, lunch is ready ( depending how many Bloody Marys I’ve had!) Then its chill out time after lunch and back to sandwiches and a few more drinks in the evening.

Anna 45 2

This is a sure sign that I’ve been on the cava – Hilts and Sav saving me from a sure A&E visit as I attempt to master the hoverboard after the evening bout of drinks! Another note to self- do not get carried away with ideas I am the new Tony Hawk after that 5th glass of bubbly!

Although, whoever said that Christmas is a relaxing time is lying and should be put on the naughty step. I’m totally exhausted, between shopping, cooking the Christmas dinner, tidying up after all the kids and planning my really exciting New Years Eve with my new friend Charlie, pictured below.

Anna 45 3

Haha! I wish! Ok back to reality-

Anna 45 4

See you next week. Xx
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