A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 44)

Well a few adjustments and the tree is finished! Sparkling white and gold is this year’s theme, having overruled an earlier decision of blue and silver on the grounds of “we didn’t have any silver or blue ornaments”!

Nahla thinks its great, she must presume I have especially planted a tree in the house so she can still play ball on those rainy days and hasn’t quite got the grasp that these “balls” are supposed to stay in situ!

Anna 44 1

So counting down the days and with pressure rising on the dos and don’ts list, I did what any other woman would do in my position, jump ship before the plank is lowered and escape to England for a few days with the girls; where I could relax, have a giggle and go Online shopping with Chris’s credit card number that I noted down the other night when he was asleep!

London before Christmas is like a hen party before a wedding. Traditional, fun, man free and most of all – full of naughty treats! The girls and I went for a stroll down the Kings Road, dined by the river in Hammersmith and made a trip to Westfield where you can more or less buy anything. I love this shopping centre, the Christmas decorations are lovely, the atmosphere is very Christmassy and I got to indulge in some delicious but naughty cinnamon topped Pretzels.

Anna 44 2

The only downfall of shopping with the girls is my lack of Bill Gates money. Why oh why did I bring them up with such expensive taste. When I told them to always have standards, I meant with boys not designer products – Chanel now features on both of their Christmas lists more than once!

As for me, I was just excited to go to the biggest pet shop I’ve ever seen. Nahla and Duchess are now completely kitted out, possess personalised stockings and as you can see below, some Christmas attire!

Anna 44 3

With just 7 days left now till Christmas Day, this next week is going to be filled with last minute shopping, followed by a few drinks, watching Hilton play the banker in his school play “Over the rooftops”, followed by a few drinks and prepping the Xmas lunch – need I comment!

Anyway I need to go and buy Chris his present, last year’s gift was a sky diving jump but that didn’t work, so back to the drawing board!!
See you next week. xx

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