A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 43)

Ahhh! The joys of Christmas – this week I’ve been focusing on getting ahead with my Xmas present buying and it hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped!

First, the Spanish need to learn what the meaning of Black Friday is! After waiting in trepidation for a few bargains, I now realise that the idea of a discount in Spain rather differs from the English concept. Spain takes on the approach of, “let’s be really generous and give our valued customers a whooping 10 % on certain items that we need to get rid of”! Then Cyber Monday arrives and the same items are put online for further massive discount of 20%. Will they never get the hint! So from now on, all my shopping will be done virtually in the UK from the comfort of my sofa with Nahla snoring by my side.

Of course the hardest challenge coming up to Christmas is dodging round Chris’s moods! To say he really hates Christmas would be an understatement, but I’ve got a routine now that works and it usually goes like this:

1. Make sure I cook his favourite foods to get him in the mood (for Christmas!)
2. Under no circumstance mention Christmas Day.
3. Supply plenty of drink before asking for shopping money.
4. Absolutely lie about expenditure on presents (except for presents bought for teachers at school).
5. When in doubt, quickly go back to point No.1
6. DO NOT ask him to attend any Christmas party.
7. DO NOT ask him to go Christmas shopping.
8. Put Sky Movies Christmas on a constant loop and start sighing when ‘A Christmas Carol ‘comes on.
9. If things are looking dodgy, supply more of his favourite wine and bump up the price of gifts bought for the teachers at school.
10. Look exhausted and complain about something completely irrelevant.
11. If all else fails – immediately revert to 1,9 & 10 simultaneously!

So with these points in mind, the festivities begin!

As it was Hilton’s turn to chose the Christmas tree this year, he wanted to get it early, so off we went to the local garden centre so he could get the best choice – big mistake! Having taken two men to manoeuvre it into the house, we now have an actual tree in the hallway, because it wont fit in any of the other rooms! In fact the next time he chooses, I think we will have to move house for the Christmas period.

Anna 43 1

Hilton has now put the sixth set of lights on the tree and when Spaghetti Junction is lit up I should imagine it looks like this! Bless him, he’s obviously really does want that Scalextric set for Christmas!

It appears I’m going to be very busy redesigning the tree this weekend – when he’s out of sight!!
Bye for now and see you next week. xx

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