A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 42)

So many things have happened this last week, Downton Abbey aired its last programme in the series ever (not including the Christmas special), I’m a Celebrity get me out of here is in full swing, I resumed my attempt at jogging and Tash was feeling homesick so I managed to get her a flight to come home for the weekend.

I always panic when Tash comes back, because I know it is never cheap and this weekend was no exception, even my credit cards tremble at the mere mention of her name! Unfortunately for me, my daughter loves shopping and because Zara is much cheaper here than in the UK, a good card bashing was certainly going to be on the agenda. So this weekend has been a rush of hairdressers, shopping and more shopping!

Sunday morning Tash decided she would like a lie in, so Hilton and I took Nahla to the Sunday boot sale market on the road to Benahavis. Car boot sales have never really been my idea of fun and it was only the fact that my friend Zoe badgered me to accompany her that I agreed to go along.

I don’t know why, but my perception of a car boot sale was very different to what I saw on Sunday. My vision of people standing in the freezing cold with their car boots open selling old toilets is so far removed from what I experienced here. It was such great fun that I want to go every Sunday – basically I’m hooked!


Anna 42 1

Trestle tables line up in rows amidst a stunning woodland area on the Benahavis road selling anything from new furniture to second hand designer clothing at ridiculously cheap prices.

Anna 42 2

Whether is was the beautiful sunny day that helped set off my buzzing mood or the fact that I managed to buy a beautiful pair of long silk curtains for 5 euros, I’m not sure but either way, it worked!

Then the ‘icing on the cake’ or as we call it here ‘the chorizo on the bread’ came when the mobile catering unit that apparently turns up every Sunday opened its shutters! Jamie Oliver eat your heart out because the tapas are fantastic and start at 1 euro.

This week I have learnt that it’s amazing how many things you can achieve in a day when time is short, Hilton on the other hand just gave me this look when I asked him if he had enjoyed a full weekend of markets and shopping with his mum and sister!

Anna 42 3

Anyway, my Christmas shopping has just started and I’m counting down the days until Black Friday. A strange name for such a great shopping day but then I suppose we don’t go east when its easter!

Bye for now and see you next week. xx

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