A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 41)

As Robert Burns said,” the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry” and mine certainly did this week. I was just getting dressed, ready to drive to the Chorro lakes when the most disastrous thing happened. A woman’s nightmare even worse than Boris Johnson’s infidelities or the end of Downton Abbey – yes my cleaner of 5 years unexpectedly left me.

Nevertheless in the face of adversity, we must soldier on, so I’ve been homebound for the last few days, cleaning, ironing and generally pretending to be a housewife! It wasn’t until I was dancing round the kitchen with Nahla to the tuneful sounds of Meghan Trainor, ‘marigolds’ flapping around my wrists, that I came up with an idea – why not start my Christmas shopping. Well – I can’t make the place look too good otherwise Chris won’t employ another cleaner!

Now after hours looking at gifts and Christmas ideas, I’m officially beginning my own countdown to Christmas; all the kids are coming home for a few weeks so for the first time in six months we will be together and I am so excited.

Housework really isn’t my thing, so luckily I was invited to go for lunch in Marbella and of course I had to go, well, it would be rude not to!! I think even Nahla was relieved to get out of the house, there’s only so much dancing a dog can do!

I don’t often get the chance to go to the Paseo in Marbella but every time I do, I regret not making the effort to go more often. There are so many restaurants and beach bars open all year round, the beach is beautiful and it’s such good fun spotting the mad tourist who actually goes swimming in the sea at this time of year!

Anna 41 3

If I’m feeling really naughty, I go to the waters edge and start staring out to sea frantically waving my arms – we call it the, “ Which tourist swims back the fastest game!”

We decided to have lunch at my favourite eatery along the Paseo, The Boardwalk.

Anna 41 1

The owners are lovely and the food is absolutely delicious! They allow dogs on the terrace, which is great for me with Nahla, who is now completely joined at the hip and comes with me everywhere. So for anyone wanting a great meal, overlooking the beach at a reasonable price, I would highly recommend this venue and they open all day from 9am.

As we left the restaurant I couldn’t resist taking this photo, it just depicted another beautiful day in Marbella.

Anna 41 2

Just a quickie before I go, if anyone knows who the owner of that yacht is, put in a good word!!

Anyway, back to the grindstone.

Bye for now and see you next week. xx

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