A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 40)

The Halloween weekend turned out to be a disaster; first I thought that Halloween was on the Friday night and it wasn’t until Chris looked at me with one of those “are we going out again” faces as I was doing my make-up that I realised I had got the wrong night and to make things worse he never questioned the zombie look that I was trying to achieve. Then to top it off, on Saturday morning the Halloween party was cancelled.

So instead we decided to take the kids to the Boulevard in San Pedro. It is one of my favourite places to go at the moment, there are numerous new restaurants and bars that have opened in the last few months and so the choice is immense. I did however decide to ditch the fancy dress idea after the realisation that either my make up was rubbish or I do in fact look like a zombie!

As our favourite pizza restaurant closed down over a year ago, we decided to try a new Italian that has recently been refurbished where the old bus station in San Pedro used to be. The food was adequate but not as good as I had expected luckily because just as we had ordered a deserts to try between us – it happened! UB40 wrote a song about it and Disney made a blockbuster film about the same topic, so just as you thought -it was in fact a rat in the kitchen!

If I was to suggest one major point to cover with prospective waiting staff for a new restaurant it would have to be the following: “if you see something in the kitchen do not draw attention to it or let customers be aware of what is happening”, a point that obviously the owners had not discussed as we saw the two waitresses run screaming from the kitchen, shouting “oh my god there’s a rat….there’s a rat”!

I think my next word on this would be – awkward! We all stared at each other in silence as the owners surreptitiously walked into the open plan kitchen, lifting up anything they could see in sight, pretending nothing had happened and when the crème brulee cheesecake arrived it felt like we had been presented with a combination of a bush tucker trial and surprise surprise!

Anna 40 1

Eventually our silence broke when the owner came over to try and convince us that it was a Halloween joke – laughter and tears streamed down my face as we ordered the bill and we will never be going back. I presume he thought we were gullible English tourists, so I decided to keep it quiet that I’m a resident and writer for one of Marbella’s most popular websites!!  Calling yourself Trattoria may be apt after all – is there a silent T in Italian?!

Anyway, next week weather permitting, I’m off to the Chorro lakes for a look at life in the hills.

Bye for now and see you next week. xx

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