A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 39)

When Alan Jay Lerner wrote the famous lyrics “the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane”, I presume he had never visited this country in the wintertime! It has poured down all week and my enthusiasm for getting out and about quickly diminished – unfortunately along with the beautiful Moroccan gazebo I set up in the summer!

Chris went back to England again to go racing with Sav, so with one child going stir crazy at home, it was time to venture out and try to burn some energy out of him. What is it with boys? Girls can sit for hours doing make-up, reading books, shopping on-line or chatting but boys seem to have this infuriating energy inside that wont let them keep still- so with a choice of gagging him and locking him up in the stables or finding somewhere to go out of the rain – although it was it was a close call, I opted for taking him to an indoor activity that has recently opened here!

Anna 39 1

CostaJump, located in San Pedro, is a huge warehouse filled with trampolines and seems to be a big hit with the kids. There are various sections encompassing different aspects of trampolining from a foam pit for the smaller ones to a basketball ‘slam dunk’ pitch for the hardened teenagers. Its great exercise for the kids when the weather is lousy outside and all with the added bonus that you can drop them off and leave them there for an hour or two!

Anna 39 2

There is also a gallery on the top floor where parents can have a drink and wait patiently for their children but I like to use the time to go to the nearby dog park with Nahla although I think Hilton is getting a little jealous as apparently he told his English teacher in front of the whole class that I love the dog more than him – I must remember to stop patting him when I kiss him goodnight!

Sav’s arriving back for the end of her half term this week and we are all getting very excited about Halloween. Usually I take Hilts trick or treating, but this year we have all been invited to a fancy dress party. I’m going as a wicked witch, Sav and Hilts are dressing up in “I’m dead” costumes and Chris – well we all looked at each other and decided he could just go as he is!!

Anyway, I’m off to go and choose my costume.

Bye for now and see you next week. xx

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