A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 38)

Well the unfortunate happened and it didn’t stop raining for most of the feria. Somehow the Spanish make the most of these situations and by hook or by crook they were not going to let it ruin their week, so with torrential rain preventing any outside entertainment, the marquees were filled to the brim with determined feria goers.

We managed to get a few hours fair time on Friday night with Hilts, who insisted that one of us went on the rides with him and guess what – it wasn’t going to be me!

Anna 38 5

Thank you dear husband, you are now in my good books – well for a few hours anyway!

The climax on Saturday night was a concert with the highly acclaimed singer Rosario (famous with the Spanish apparently?!) who battled against the thunderous rain to woo the crowds and by all accounts delivered a great performance.

Anna 38 4

How good does she look for 51?

So with the feria behind me, I decided to hop on a plane and fly off to London to see the girls. Having not seen Tash since July, I was getting “Natashaitis” and I needed a dose of ‘Tash’ to make me feel better! I hadn’t been told off recently for not running and eating unhealthy food so I was due for a good lecture!

Leaving Nahla was really hard, it was the first time we had been separated and with only one child still at home, she has taken over as my new baby. Usually I prepare some meals for Chris when I go away and put them in the freezer, but about five years ago he once told me (after a few drinks), “ not to worry, he could get himself something to eat” so I hid that phrase in my memory bank, knowing one day I would use it. As I ran out of time to prepare both sets of meals, now was the time – Nahla was catered for and I whipped out the “you said not to worry, you could get yourself something” phrase as I sweetly kissed him goodbye!

London was great fun; apart from a disastrous dinner the first night and a few hours, cleaning Tasha’s flat, all went well. We decided to go sightseeing and that there was no better way to do it than by car – quick, warm and perfect for the lazy trio.

Here’s a selfie of the three of us, apparently half faces are still the trend and in Tasha’s case no face!

Anna 38 3

Savannah was invited to the houses of Parliament earlier on in the week, hence this was our first stop, so she could tell us all about her experience in the speakers gallery whilst sitting eating sandwiches in the car!

Anna 38 2

And who can go to London without taking a snap of the famous Chelsea Pensioners residence in the Kings Road- The Royal Chelsea Hospital.

Anna 38 1

If there is one place I miss whilst living in Marbella it would have to be London. They say you can take the girl out of London but you can’t take London out of the girl!

Anyway, back to Marbella ready for Hiltons half term break, Sav’s arrival for a few days and a look at what the kids do when the weather turns bad down here.

Bye for now and see you next week. xx

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