A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 36)

Well autumn has eventually arrived in Marbella and guess what, my jeans do still fit me – well ish!

This week started really well; it was Savannahs 17th birthday and Chris decided to fly over to see her in the UK so I was home alone – how I love it when “the colonel” is away! No cooking, no complaints about an untidy bedroom and complete control of the Skybox!

Although I was disappointed not to see Sav, Tash went up to Whilton Mill for the weekend to see her race. She loved all her presents and to top it off she came 5th, which was a great result considering she hadn’t been allowed to compete on the karting circuit during her GCSE year.

So feeling very happy with myself, I took the new love of my life (four legged) into Marbella to explore the old part of the town. Nahla is now used to walking on a lead and loves to be adored by everyone so with the weather being slightly cloudy, a trip to the busy bustling narrow streets where people stop and tell her how beautiful she, seemed the obvious choice.

Parking spaces along the roads are like gold dust so the easy option is to park in any of the designated underground car parks. Anyway enough of the boring stuff, lets get to the photos!…

Heading up towards Orange Square, which is the heart of the old town; the tiny cobbled streets are full of tiny boutiques and bars set into houses or on occasion where the streets widen, restaurants line up in formal parade waiting for the many tourists that come to visit.

Anna 36 1

Anna 36 2

Below on the left is a typical Marbella building, flowers, balcony and coloured borders. The more affluent houses contain inner courtyards, with some sectioned off and turned into minute shops, many selling homemade jewellery and souvenirs.

Anna 36 4

Eventually we stopped in Orange Square at a tiny Churreria. Trust me – forget the raspberry ketone diets and organic peanuts here, there is only one thing to eat at a bar like this and that is churros. With a promissory plea to the thinness god of, “ I promise to go back to Couch to 5 k again if you let me order this ” I called over the waiter and ordered churros and chocolate.

Consisting only of flour and water, making churros is an art, which takes time to perfect and this bar has certainly perfected the art. It was possibly the best churros that I’ve ever tried, not even “drunk after the feria at 7 o’clock in the morning churros could compete!”

Eventually after Nahla had shared my plate and been chatted to by half of the bar, we carried on our journey. Nightmarish thoughts of Venice reappeared as we passed a catholic chapel but unlike my last encounter, I stayed on the outside and peered through the bars.

Anna 36 5

This chapel is truly beautiful inside and worth a visit.

Deciding it was getting late, we headed back towards the car, but I caught a glimpse of a statue that I recognised. It was the bust of an old friend of my brothers, Jaime de Mora y Aragon. One of Marbella’s most colourful residents in years past, Jaime was the brother of Queen Fabiola of Belgium. Born to aristocracy in Madrid and often referred to as the black sheep of the family, Jaime rejected life as nobility and became a successful actor. His flamboyant character, talent for entertaining and zest for life, led him into the role of tourist ambassador for Marbella, welcoming celebrities and the well to do from all over the globe. For some reason he adored my brother and when he saw him, would always gift him one of his notorious walking sticks or some lavish present – wish he’d been my friend too!

Anna 36 6

Anyway, bye for now and see you next week. xx

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