A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 33)

So that’s it! Summer holidays are officially over and school has begun. Savannah flew back to the UK on Monday, all dolled up in her new sixth form uniform and Hilton was forced away from his beloved Cable Ski to buy some school essentials.

However he spent the entire time moaning, “ Mum I don’t need anything, can we go now as I want to go back to Cable Ski”.

Do they really think we enjoy dragging them round the shops to buy boxers, trainers and books, when we could leave them behind, leisurely saunter around the stores after a few glasses of wine and spend the money on one of this seasons new look handbags whilst deciding that their beloved trainers with the hole at the front could last another season? Boys- will they ever learn!

Talking of learning, last week I promised that I would talk a little about the education down here so here goes:

There are two options – the Spanish curriculum or the International system. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The majority of the Spanish Schools are free apart from San Jose, Alboran and Las Chapas, whereas the International and English schools are all fee paying. The care in the Spanish education is very good and strictly regulated, but the international route is more suited for those wanting to attend Universities overseas. The main secondary International schools around Marbella are Swans School, Aloha College, English International School, Laude and further afield Sotogrande. All of which are good, regulated by Nabss (The National Association of British Schools in Spain) and more or less have the same facilities. The International Baccalaureate course is very popular with the schools here ( both Spanish and International) and allows the children more diverse options at university. However when it comes to making a decision on schooling, Marbelli’s have a different way of looking at educating the children – how far is the school run??!

It actually makes me laugh because in England the choice of school is very carefully thought through- what subjects are taught, what sports are played and a five hour journey to take your child to the most suitable establishment is perfectly acceptable. Here however, we have been affected by Marbellaitis, it’s a disease that creeps up slowly but once you have it, its difficult to get rid off – that is we become lazy!

Gone are the days of traffic jams and commutes to work, a ten-car tail back gets talked about for weeks here and Marbelli’s would rather sell their house than travel more than twenty minutes to get their children to school. So whilst the evaluation between Spanish and International Educational systems is the most important decision, the choice of school must be thought about carefully remembering Marbellaitis!

On a different subject, September is always fun on the coast; the weather is lovely without the extreme heat of August, restaurants are quieter, bargains can be had on the flog it sites, as the “Newbies” move into more permanent homes and sell all their holiday home items that they will need in the future but don’t realise it – but hey tough luck! And my favourite surprise is being able to put on a pair of jeans that still fit me after all the summer fun!

Next week I will be going from one end of the coast to another, Gibraltar for a day out shopping and bowling and the caves in Nerja for some sightseeing.

Anyway, bye for now and see you next week.xx

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