A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 32)

On reflection of last week’s blog, you might all be wondering why I didn’t mention the famous “Vuelta de Espana” bicycle race that began in Puerto Banus last weekend. Well – the absolute truth is cycling does not tick one of many “ like to do sports”.

The only cycling I ever do is on my electric bicycle (it counts!) and my thoughts on cycling are very simple – Why struggle to pedal up a hill when a machine will do it for you, why cycle when you can drive a car and why on earth would anyone cycle on a main road less than 1 metre away from cars and lorries travelling at 100km per hour? I only have one conclusion – they all need a touch of therapy and a dose of Prozac!

So this week has been a challenging one; as the summer holidays come to an end, Hilton is frantically writing the blog he was told to write throughout the summer. Sav is gloating over her exam results and forcing “results spending money “ out of Chris and Tom has left Marbella to go and live in Barcelona for a few years.

Seeing Tom go was really sad, it was the usual panic, but he will have more fun in a city and more importantly learn how nice it is to live at home, even if I do make him tidy his room and eat the odd vegetable!

Anna 32 1

So after an emotional farewell at the airport, there was only one thing to take my mind off the sadness of Tom leaving and that was shopping!

Sav needed some things to take back to her boarding school in England and I needed the therapy so it worked well! We glided around Ikea, briefly stopped in Fuengirola to look around Aki and ended up in Zara, where the real indulgence began. Please Lord….do not let Chris read this weeks blog and check his credit card statement!

As the season closes for another year and the residents resume their normal lives, Marbella takes a twist and turn from holiday mayhem to a slow paced peaceful existence. I get to see the friends that I don’t have time to see all summer, Hilton goes back to his 9-4 school routine and Chris gets to work less (oh hang on- I need to find him more to do in the winter!).

Next week, I’ll be discussing schools, the newbies that arrive around this time every year and what I really think of life down here on the coast.

Anyway, bye for now and see you next week.

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