A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 31)

Note to self – At the age of 49 10/10 remember that it is essential to do a few stretches and some sort of warm-up before jumping off rocks and Canyoning down the Benahavis river, otherwise walking for the next three or four days is comparable to the zombie walk in Shaun of the Dead!

Mind you it probably didn’t help when I suggested we all went to play Foot golf the following day, although watching Chess get stuck in the dirty swamp was worth every single penny. Below is a photo of the crowning moment that she realised her fate! And as if the high reeds were not frightening enough, the panic set in when she started to sink in what she thought was quick sand – watching too many films Chess??!!

Anna 31 1

As the last two weeks of August fall upon us, there are three very important events to mark in the calendar. First and foremost it’s Tasha’s birthday on the 24th, second GCSE results are out and last but not least, this weekend the Polo High Goal Gold Cup begins in Sotogrande.

Anna 31 2

This is one of the most prestigious events of the summer down here on the coast and anyone who is anyone will be attending. Throughout the summer, Santa Maria Polo Club is host to the summer season polo championship. Play begins in July with the Bronze Cup and escalates to the grand finale on the 29th August when the players battle it out to see who can win the High Goal Gold Cup.

Having played polo myself – well when I say, “played polo”, that’s probably a slight exaggeration, I actually sat on a polo pony, spent 30 minutes trying to hit the ball and gave up! But I can appreciate how hard the sport is and how clever and well trained the ponies are.

Entrance is free to watch the matches and there are different tents offering a variety of cold beverages; so whether it’s a jug of Pimm’s or a refreshing bottle of Tattinger, spectators at the polo are well looked after and for a day out away from the beach; it’s a refreshing change!

Talking of Champagne and a few drinks, I have to congratulate Sav on her GCSE results. Well done baby, you deserve all the credit and have earned your place into sixth form. Never again will I question your untidy bedroom or disgusting mess after cooking in the kitchen! – Well at least not for a few days!

Anyway, bye for now and see you next week.

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