A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 29)

During the summer months, I like to invite friends to come and stay and this week my dear friend Emma flew over from Norfolk for a few days.

She arrived with her son Harry who is the same age as Hilts, which was great because the two boys could entertain themselves at home enabling us to get out and about. After a few days lounging by the pool, we left the boys at home and went in search of a lunch venue on the beach.

Now deciding which beach bar we would like to go to became quite a dilemma. When you are 49 10/10 Ocean club and Nikki beach tend to be out of the equation, firstly because we didn’t want to look like wannabe Marbella socialites (oops sorry ‘Made on Marbs’) and secondly anyone that lives here would never pay to enter a beach club, or fork out 100 euros for a bed to lie on for the day, unless of course they could take it home afterwards; so the secret in Marbella is to look for “fatty oldie” beaches where the food is good, the beach is quiet and the only ‘Cristal’ in the place happens to be the nickname of the dear old waiter behind the bar!

Although Marbella’s reputation doesn’t promote these kinds of places, trust me there is plenty to chose from. We decided on a small ‘chiringuito’ the other side of Marbella called Triana, typically Spanish, cheap food and of course they allowed Nahla to come too.

Anna 29 1

Lunch was great, we met up with two friends of mine, who fell in love with Nahla and tried to persuade her to go swimming in the sea, however she was having none of it and clung on to me for dear life with that “I promise I won’t chew any more knickers if you keep him away from me” look. The bill came to around 25 euros per head for a super lunch, the service was great and for a spot of sunbathing, the beach is lovely and sandy.

Just a word of warning for anyone with Gymnophobia, if you want to take a walk along the beach, turn right otherwise you might get an occasional scare from the less bashful holidaymakers who frequent the nudist beach next door!

Today, my beautiful stepdaughter is coming for a few weeks and along with her arrival is a missed promise from last year to take her canyoning down the Benahavis river; so if I am brave enough, next week I will be telling you about the long awaited ‘river walk’- wish me luck!!

Anyway, bye for now and see you next week – hopefully!!

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