A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 28)

Another week that hasn’t gone quite to plan! I believe that sometimes us ‘Mummies’ have to just admit defeat and laugh – well this was one of those occasions.

After trip No 1 to the vets, a new house rule of “no socks or knickers on the floor” was enforced to any resident, family or otherwise!

Everything was going swimmingly, until about one hour before my twelve o’clock birthday celebrations were about to begin. Sitting at a family dinner, just getting ready to pop the champagne, Tash suddenly noticed that the pair of socks left by her trainers when she jumped in the pool after running had gone missing!

We all turned around disbelievingly at Nahla who was lying a little too quietly and innocently in her bed, so we searched the house, checked the garden and thinking she couldn’t possibly have eaten two socks in the space of a few minutes, decided we would look again in the morning. It wasn’t until I decided to have a further inspection of her mouth that I noticed a single black thread, stuck between two of her back teeth.

Trip No 2. – It was now about 11.45pm and the only option was to call an emergency vet. Savannah (who likes to take charge in these situations) called and spoke to an on duty vet and agreed we would take her there as quickly as possible, so the girls and I jumped in the car with the puppy and off we went to the address Sav gave us in Marbella. As we arrived, the surgery looked shut and no one was answering the phone number – Savannah had omitted to tell me that she had called a vet in Fuengirola, as the Marbella number wasn’t answering – my birthday celebrations were going well!

The situation was not helped by Savannahs incessant desire to Snap Chat. 2.00 am with an ill puppy, no sleep and Savannah merrily snapping away with her friends. “ Look at me in the car”, “ look at me in the vet clinic”, “look at me on the sofa at the vets clinic”, “look at mummy growling at me on the sofa at the vets clinic”, “look at me running away from mummy who is going to break my phone because I’m too busy snap chatting to help her walk the poorly puppy at 2.30 in the morning”! New house rule no 2.- NO MORE SNAP CHAT!

Eventually after an overnight stay, shaved tummy and a heavy dose of medicine we got her back home, feeling very sorry for herself.

Anna 28 1

Our planned day trip to Tarifa was put on hold but at least I managed to squeeze in a few hours sleep before my birthday dinner.

So I’m now officially 49 10/10, some people call it 50 but I’m not known for being a traditionalist . The girls did however redeem themselves with some beautiful presents and a fabulous birthday cake, which they had specially ordered for me. Do you think they are trying to tell me something??!!

Anna 28 2

Also a big thank you to Tom who really made an effort to buy me some lovely things, and to Hilton for asking me to give him money so he could buy me a card!! Love you all xx

Anyway, bye for now and see you next week!

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