A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 26)

This week has been was all about puppies. We decided that Duchess wasn’t enjoying life on her own and we needed to get her another companion. Chris had given me a limit on what I was allowed to spend, but obviously I took absolutely no notice and after scouting for days on the Internet for a big male German shepherd puppy, I found this!

Anna 26 1

There were however a few hiccups with my selection – not male, not the usual German shepherd colour, certainly not big and way over budget – she was the one!

Savannah agreed to come with me to take a look at her, so we set off for Cordoba on Saturday morning. The journey up there was a mixture of conversation, mainly agreeing that we would not jump ahead and buy her but think about it and decide if we were making the right decision. We also decided that we could do some sightseeing in Cordoba so we wouldn’t waste the trip.

As per usual, my plans never seem to come to fruition. Although Cordoba is a beautiful city and the architecture is stunning, this time of year the temperature fluctuates between 45- 50 degrees, so sightseeing was definitely not on the cards and our “let’s not rush ahead and buy her” conversation worked well – within five minutes we had handed over the money and were heading home!

Just a quick tip for anyone thinking of visiting Cordoba, I would suggest going in the springtime or during the autumn months when the temperature is slightly cooler.

Anna 26 2

NAHLA is our new member of the family and absolutely adorable, although my work has been cut out trying to juggle between children and dog sitting (and yes that was my nice clean sofa she is lying on – training needs a bit of work!)

In return for helping me with the dogs, I promised Hilton I would take him to one of his favourite beach activities down here and so we headed off to the costa Waterpark near Puerto Banus.

Anna 26 3

The giant inflatables that can be found in various nautical zones around the coast are a great way to entertain the kids. There is a lifeguard watching over the children at all times and life jackets are obligatory. Tickets can be purchased either by the hour or a discounted day pass at a sales hut on the beach, where the life jackets are handed out.

Please take note that this activity has huge “mummy” advantages. Whilst the kids are having fun out at sea, we get to lie on the beach, drink cocktails and relax without the constant nagging every five minutes for money or ice cream!
Anyway, bye for now and see you next week when I will be telling you more about family activities available during the summer in Marbella.

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