A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 23)

Onwards and upwards as the 18th Century saying goes– After a few days feeling really depressed about Teejay, I decided to pick myself up and use the spa day voucher the girls had persuaded Chris to buy me for Christmas.

The voucher for two people included lunch, a full body massage, facial and a yoga lesson at Shanti Som, a secluded wellness retreat near Monda. I strongly believe the girls were on a 50 / 50 bet deciding which one was coming with me but to their great disappointment and probably the reason I will never get another spa voucher at their suggestion again – I took my friend Erica.

Anna 23 1

The retreat is only ten minutes drive from Marbella, past the Ojen hills and set amongst picturesque woodland – the perfect getaway for a Marbelli.

Our yoga lesson was booked for 9am and having never tried it before, I wanted to look keen and get there early, so Erica and I hurriedly drove up the hill in our home design ‘yoga gear’ and a bag full of bits and pieces so we were ready for any eventuality.

Anna 23 2

The retreat itself is gorgeous and after the manageress greeted us, we were ushered to the lower level where the specially designed yoga pavilion awaited us, along with a few other ‘yogis’ and the instructor.

After a fabulous hour and a half of chanting, looking at cows and holding strange positions, I realised how much I enjoyed it and of course my highlight came when the teacher asked me if I used to be a ballet dancer because of my suppleness! I didn’t let on it was years of drunken back flips at parties!!

One thought will stay with me forever though – NEVER again will I sit next to my loquacious friend Erica in a yoga class, who whispered and giggled the whole way through, and set the whole class laughing when we all had to chant AUM!

Anna 23 3

After a short coffee break, we were sent down for our two-hour pampering session of facials and massages, followed by lunch on the Asian themed terrace.

The food was incredible, the service perfect and despite the fact we couldn’t take advantage of the pool facilities due to the bad weather, it didn’t deter us from enjoying a very special day.

I can highly recommend this retreat to anyone who would like a little bit of ‘me time’. There are 14 deluxe rooms to stay in or just a day trip should definitely be on any holidaymaker’s agenda.

Anyway, bye for now and see you next week when I will be writing to you all from the romantic sites of Venice xx

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