A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 22)

So here I am back In Marbella after an amazing week in Aberdovey with Sav.

Our last few days were spent with friends who had come to see us for the weekend. As tradition in our usual gatherings, drinks, laughter and great dinners were shared by all, except of course by Savannah, who shared everything except her puddings! Not even on the last night, when she ordered the ‚Äėdeath by chocolate‚Äô special, recommended on the menu as a dessert big enough for four people to share, did we get a look in!

So Sav- this photo is for you, lets hope that no prospective boyfriend is looking at this blog on your Facebook page, that I will obviously tag you in!!! ūüėČ And yes – she did eat the whole lot!

Anna 22 1

Our final day- slightly hung-over and feeling a little worse for wear, we all decided to try our luck at ‚Äėcrabbing‚Äô. The name of the game is to catch a crab using string with a baited net attached and reel the crab up on the string until it can be popped it into a bucket full of seawater.

Sounds easy right ‚Äď wrong! First my intense fear of heights meant I couldn‚Äôt look over the edge of the pier to see if my string was even near the water never mind in it; then the crabs, who are obviously used to this game, are really clever and just as you are reeling them up, they let go of the net, having eaten the bait. Savannah of course won the competition; I‚Äôm not exactly sure how many she caught out of the bucketful we had, but once she got the knack of it, she was a girl on a mission!

So what to do with a bucketful of crabs? ‚Äď let them back into the sea and have a crab race was our idea. The finale hotted up when we decided to see whose crab got to the water the fastest ‚Äď and yes Savannah won again, but then her odds were much higher than ours!

Although I have to say, my main amusement at this point was observing the other tourists at the shoreline scamper as fast as they could when they saw at least 15 crabs side-walking towards them at a great speed of knots! I do promise however there was no harming of crabs in our fun ‚Äď they all looked very happy when they were back in the water!

Anna 22 2

Anna 22 3

On a sadder note, when I got home, Teejay had become much worse and I knew the time had come to let him go. Sometimes in life, it’s not what we want to do, it’s what we have to do. So this is a tearful goodbye from me to my faithful old friend and dear companion. xx

Anna 22 4

Anyway, bye for now and see you next week xx

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