A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 18)

May is one of my favourite months in Marbella, winter is over, the flowers are in full bloom, the beaches have been cleaned and still it’s bearable to sunbathe without feeling like you’re on the beach in Yarmouth!

To take full advantage of the holiday May 1st weekend, I decided to take Hilton to the Zoo de Castellar for the day. It’s called a zoo but actually it is a rescue centre for all sorts of animals that have been found or taken from owners who have kept them illegally.

Anna 18 1

Looking a little like an old castle from the entrance, coupled with big wooden doors and a week watching Game of Thrones every night, I began to imagine how Sansa Stark would have felt when she arrived at the gates of Kings Landing. I also wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I’m not a big fan of caged animals – well, five years at boarding school does that to a girl! But luckily the whole place was far from daunting – it was lovely – and I was soon falling in love with most of the animal residents.

I say most of the animals because the vultures were our first stop – aggressive, angry and generally bothersome creatures (oh hang on, this rings a bell), they just walk around, waiting for their next prey to arrive and deciding it wasn’t going to be us, we quickly moved on to the llama.

I don’t know if you remember the children’s television show “Animal Magic” but I became Johnny Morris reincarnated as soon as I saw the honeybear!!! He was just so adorable – I’d have had ten children if they all stayed as cute as this little fella. I was trying all sorts of bear accents to try and wake him up but Hilton just looked at me strangely – honestly, the children these days just don’t know a good bear accent when they hear one… I blame the new Paddington!

Anna 18 2

Continuing the theme of 70’s Television, Esso always offered to put a tiger in your tank – but I never expected to have one on my lap playing with me like a little puppy.

Anna 18 3

The photograph shows a truly wonderful moment for me, not only do I look about five years younger, I will always remember the glorious opportunity I had to be so close to this wonderful creature – I could have cuddled and played with him all day, even Hilton looked concerned that I was on the verge of leaving the family home to become The Tiger Whisperer.

Anna 18 4

Our last stop was this monkey. Now I’ve had a wide variation of boyfriends over the years but this chap reminded me of one in particular, I can’t tell you his name because he might read this and unfortunately Omar is the kind of name you remember…
Anyway, after a really quick cuddle in case his nappy needed changing, it was time to go having spent a really enjoyable day and one we’ll look back at fondly for a very long time.

If you are the sort of people that love getting ‘up close and personal’ with the animals, this place should definitely be on the hit list.
Anyway, bye for now and see you next week xx

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