A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 17)

Those of us lucky enough to live on the coast sometimes have a bit of a reputation for lounging around with sun, sea and sangria but this week has been pretty action packed! Talk shows, bowling, ice-skating and birthdays have all got between me and any expected lounging – as well as the fact there wasn’t any sunshine!

My brother Richard is a presenter on Talk Radio Europe (TRE) where he presents two shows, one of which is a two-hour discussion and points of view show called “Viewpoint”. This week’s subjects were very female-orientated and I don’t know if he was thinking “Loose Women” but he decided to be brave enough to invite me onto the panel.

Although some of you may have missed it, I actually had a seven-year career presenting live television shows so I wasn’t worried about the audience but I always have to keep an eye on my mouth! I guess he was a bit worried too since his last words to me before the ‘on air’ light turned red were “please Banan (my nickname), try not to turn into Katie Hopkins!”

The show itself was its usual blend of controversy and straight talking – it’s always worth a listen on a Tuesday – I’m not sure if I might have been a little too controversial at times but sometimes you just have to react to fellow panellists 😉

My youngest son Hilton, even a loving mother has to say, is a little on the chubby side but nevertheless he seems to have acquired a natural ability to ice-skate. I don’t know where he’s got it from – maybe Olaf from Frozen is his inspiration – but he goes around that rink like Torville and Dean in a tight clench. To demonstrate his bladed skills I took him to the ice-skating rink at King Bastion Leisure Centre in Gibraltar on Saturday, its open all year round and the centre itself has many activities to offer, all under one roof. A full afternoon combining the bowling alley and ice-skating cost less than ten pounds. Not to forget a cinema showing all the latest box office films. I tend to mention Gibraltar a few times in my blogs, sometimes living here we forget Gibraltar has so much more to offer than just an airport, English supermarkets and a bunch of apes – the ones on top of the rock obviously!

Anna 17 3

Anna 17 2

As the weekend approached it was time to celebrate Tom’s birthday. Regular readers will know that Tom is the rock star of the family, so to be fair even reaching 21 is a bit of an achievement! Speaking as his mother I was worried what the Birthday weekend would bring as the Chinese meal he wanted was booked for the Sunday but that still left Friday and Saturday. Visions of a wild evening in the port, most likely spread over several days, gave me more than a few sleepless nights. It turns out I had no cause for concern, because Mother Nature has a way of taming even the wildest musicians and so poor Tom was decidedly ill all weekend– it was more bucket-by-the-bed than bucket-list.

Anna 17 1

Unfortunately the girls couldn’t come over from the UK, but here are the two brothers on his birthday – the shades never come off !!!

Anyway, bye for now and see you next week xx

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