A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 16)

Motivation comes in many forms – this week I was driven mostly by money and music! After a win on the lottery and listening to Seals version of ‘Wishing on a Star’, I knew it was time to follow that road to my dreams- I had waited long enough this holiday and I was running out of time, so we all took the plunge and headed up to Ronda.

The lyrics of the song really have stuck with me, especially the line “that in the game of love you reap what you sow”, so before we departed for the day I subtly left a brochure in the kitchen, entitled “the perfect gift” and an illustrated pamphlet on the benefits of smiling!

The drive from our house took about 55 minutes; the road up the mountains wasn’t as bad as I had remembered, but however much your mind tries not to play games with you, it always does. One side of the brain says, ”don’t think about the drop” whilst the other kindly reminds you that one small miniscule mistake and that’s it, you’re over the edge!

To try and distract myself, I suggested that we look at the available activities that I had earmarked from the Internet. Savannah efficiently looked at the list, ignored my more academic choices and contacted the one she thought would be the most fun- a company that specialised in buggy tours. Two phone calls later and we were booked in.

If we had been at all dubious about our decision or the extra cost it entailed, within 5 minutes it quickly diminished as we were sat in the coolest looking vehicles that I had ever been in. A quick signature on the rental contract, and we were off!

Having endured Hilton’s non-stop talking all the way up the mountains, I made a hasty decision that he was more suited to go with the guide, using the excuse that he needed to practice his Spanish – a decision, I hasten to add, Savannah didn’t even question! So off we went in convoy to see the sights of Ronda.

Anna 16 1

We started our journey bumping through countryside, go-pro provided by the company at the ready, until we reached the city itself, which by then was jam packed with buses and tourists from all over Spain.

We saw the gorge from the top, the bottom and even from a side angle! Stopped to have a drink in a charming little countryside ‘venta’, drove through ravines and dirt tracks, and to top it off, were given fun baseball caps, videos and photos to commemorate the day. If I could recommend anything it would be the buggy tour. Click here for details

Anna 16 2

My conclusion after the trip confirmed that my fear of heights has not gone away and I will never look over the edge of the gorge again or step on the balcony that they have named ‘El Balcon del Coño’ which translates to ‘The Pussy Balcony’, a name chosen to mock the many people who do not have the confidence to stand over a shear 130 metre drop, supported by one small balcony built into the wall and constructed by Spanish workmen!

Anna 16 3

Here we are, the three of us, looking all ‘touristy’ having had a fabulous time and to complete our outing, on the way back home we treated ourselves to a few (two) drinks with my lottery winning – €4.20!

Anyway, bye for now and see you next week xx

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