A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 14)

Well Easter Sunday was interesting! Having been voted worst Mum in the world by my daughter, who ran upstairs in a panic as I hadn’t hidden the Easter eggs and Hilton was almost crying, I started the day feeling very guilty!!

I presumed by the age of eleven that he didn’t believe in the Easter bunny, but after having had it pointed out to me that his bedtime movie every night was HOP, I suppose I should have known better. Anyway, the ever resourceful Savannah swept in and saved the day with a story about how the Bunny had left his stash somewhere else, so when he went out to look around the front of the house, she quickly ran around to the back garden to hide the eggs and vice versa.

Then I took him down to the garage to pick up some bread and by pure chance there were two rabbits in the parking lot at the back of the garage, so after telling him that they were obviously resting after their deliveries I’m glad to say ………..He is still a believer and actually after seeing rabbits in the parking for the second time at Easter now, I’m beginning to wonder myself!!

Easter is one of those strange traditions, especially nowadays as we live in a world dominated by diets and healthy living. I think whoever suggested the indulgence of eating chocolate just as we’ve lost the extra pounds put on over Christmas must have had a great sense of humour!

Anyway, after a pub lunch, we decided to take the kids to Cable Ski. It’s a great sporting activity that enables skiers and wake boarders to enjoy the sport without having to worry about a boat or the sea conditions. The idea uses a cable that mechanically pulls the punters along and the centre is situated on a lake slightly inland so it’s more protected and warmer than the beach.

Anna 14 3

Anna 14 2

Anna 14 1

As you can see, Sav was straight up and mono skiing like a pro, Hilton, on the other hand didn’t manage to stay up long enough for me to take a photograph. Bless him, he is not the most ‘surf like’ of my kids but he tries.

The Centre caters for all levels and all ages, with kids as young as nine or ten ‘spinning’ their way around the circuit, but for those of us who are a little more laid back, there is a relaxing pool with chill out beds and a Chiringuito that serves great food and cocktails.

Next week although Hilton starts school, Sav is still here for the holidays and even though she is supposed to be revising, I’m going to sneak her off to Ronda for the day (well anything to get away from grumpy), so catch up with our day out; last but not least a big congratulations to Tasha who has just been offered a great job in London- I can feel the heat coming off the return key as Zara’s online shopping basket is filling up baby!

Anyway, bye for now and see you next week xx

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