4 Reasons to invest in a Spanish holiday home

Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or you have been planning this trip for months on end, everybody loves the anticipation of a nice holiday. However, making sure everything is properly packed, you have all your documents and that the flight and hotels are booked with no stress, can take some doing and is one of the least enjoyable aspects of going on holiday. Flights in themselves are long and tedious procedures even if you are only hopping over to France for the weekend. Checking in and out of a hotel and making sure that your room is all in order only adds to that stress, particularly if your room isn’t to your liking.

Why not take away part of that unwanted stress by investing in permanent lodgings in a beautiful country such as Spain? Or better yet, why not make a worthwhile long-term investment by looking at holiday homes in Spain as a means of securing your own holiday space as well as earning a bit of pocket money whenever you are not using it? Holiday homes are a great way of investing in a property and earning money without having to worry about the added stress of becoming a full-time landlord. As holiday homes are short term, you don’t have to worry about renting out to dodgy tenants. You can demand the cash up front, or at least ask for a reasonable deposit. You also have a better reign on who can stay in your holiday home.

Spain is an ideal location for a holiday home and we will tell you why. Read on for four of our reasons as to why Spain itself makes a great choice for investment into one or more holiday homes.

1. Just a Short Plane Journey Away

While some people will take special efforts to traverse that 12-hour flight to Japan, or brave the 24 – 30 hour trip to Australia, one major attraction of any holiday is ease of access. People don’t like being in a confined space for long periods of time, so Spain works as a fantastic holiday destination for impatient holidaymakers as well as those with young kids. Spain offers a convenient solution to many tourists, particularly those in rainy and miserable Britain, who want to quickly to escape to somewhere warm with sun and sand.

2. Low Prices for High Quality

As many properties in Spain are rural, they are often out in the sticks or a bit farther out from civilisation. More rural properties fetch for lower prices, but the space means that you get more bargain for your buck when looking at open space, number of bedrooms and onsite facilities such as balconies and pools. As such, it makes a great investment for homeowners looking at buying their first holiday home, but who don’t have an exactly huge budget on which to spend.

The only downside to these beautifully low prices is that demand is also high. A property placed on the market could be snatched up almost immediately, so you need to have your eyes on the prize if you are serious about investing in a property in Spain.

3. Expansion Opportunities for Rural Properties

Spain offers a wide range of different properties, from modern city flats to more rural cottages and villas. It also has a lot of open land to offer, which is great for home improvement enthusiasts and those looking to make a bit of money in expanding an already beautiful holiday home. While the properties in town and city centres boast accessibility and proximity to an active night life, if you move a little more out into the countryside, you can really capitalise on some good expansion investment opportunities.

Some people simply like to relax in a spacious holiday home where all the amenities are provided for them. In rural Spain, this dream is not far from reality and as plots of land are relatively cheap, particularly in comparison to some similar locations in the UK, this is an ideal investment opportunity for homeowners.

4. Extremely Popular Tourist Market

Tourism in Spain is constantly booming. Combining the numerous holiday activities available with the gorgeous weather and star-studded beaches, everybody will want to have a holiday in Spain at least once in their lifetime. This popular tourist market does wonders for the local homeowners and business owners and you could be one of them. By advertising your holiday home as available to tourists, you can earn a steady rental income on your home, even when you are not using it. Wonderful!

Investing in the property market can be a great decision to make, or it could be taking a risk on a potential failure. It is always important to do your research before blindly jumping into any sort of purchase, just as you would when buying your first property. Make sure that you know your rights when purchasing property in a different country, and that you have all the relevant documentation before making silly mistakes. Still, investing in a holiday home in Spain can be a great way to earn some money on the side if you have an eye for a good investment.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together
Panorama.es – Marbella’s longest running real estate agent.

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